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Michelle Obama is not a monkey

January 21, 2015


I happen to think first lady Michelle Obama is attractive. I said it on twitter and was… Read More

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We still must overcome

April 16, 2014

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We still have yet to overcome. Race and hate are playing an ugly game again in our… Read More

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Lashing out in our changing political world

November 7, 2012


Now it is time for people to lash out. Many people who supported Mitt Romney accepted the… Read More

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Older generation allows race to get in the way again

November 5, 2012


The older generation is messing it up again. We keep getting it wrong and we keep putting… Read More

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Black on black crime following the Presidential debate

October 4, 2012


We know the prevent defense does not work in football. President Barack Obama found out it does… Read More

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I don’t care who you sleep with

May 10, 2012


Back in the day I used to sneak off to California for a long distance relationship with… Read More

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How dare this N scores the game-winning goal in hockey

April 27, 2012


The guy calls every two to three months. He calls just to remind me that despite my… Read More

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