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Holiday Cheer

Written By: Terry Foster | May 26, 2012

Filed Under: Family, Life

The children were playing some ghost and goblins game. The adults sat by a fire sipping on beer, Tom Collins and shots of Three Olives cake vodka.

The weather was great. The bugs were tame and we were stuffed with ribs, chicken and other good food. Friday really felt like the holiday. The four families that share our backyards were in full force. We didn’t do anything exciting. We laughed and talked and the seven kids that made it out that night ran themselves ragged.

It felt great. It was a great beginning to the Memorial Day Weekend.

It’s been a long haul of work, taking kids to school and concerts and running like your head is cut off. That’s how life is these days for our family. You never seem to get a break. It felt good to unwind and relax underneath a quarter moon and with your family and friends. That’s the way it will be most of the weekend.

Family and friends.

My daughter and I will spend most of Saturday at the Canton Cup. We will then drive to East Lansing to be with my wife’s family. And then it is back Sunday for the Canton Cup.

Are you like me? I don’t need much. I savor the days where I can sip on a beer, look up into the sky and just chill. I don’t need concerts or movies or a thrill ride. I love being out of the public eye sometimes and just do nothing. Most of us work hard. We provide for our families and we do things for our work places.

Everybody deserves a night like Friday. Maybe you had dinner with friends. Maybe you watched the Tigers in your man’s room or took a simple walk with your honey bun. Sometimes life is about taking a good time out and savoring the moment.


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