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Tigers load it up and throw away another game

Written By: Terry Foster | May 24, 2012

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Bases loaded, nobody out.

That’s the only thing I have to say about the latest Tigers loss in Cleveland, 4-3. Bases loaded and no outs. And you don’t score. Are you kidding me?

This team is beyond annoying. It is almost as if they are teasing everybody with their potential and then shutting down when they should be shutting others down. The Tigers load up their baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives and then throw it out the window. Do you know that in the last six games they are 8-for-47 with runners in scoring position and stranded 53 runners?

Bases loaded and nobody out and you don’t score. Really?

That was the situation in the eighth inning of a 2-2 game. Then the magic happened. Jhonny Peralta swung at a pitch in a different zip code. Ramon Santiago hit a ball so softly that it would make a baby laugh. And then came Alex Avila. The Tigers swing at bad pitches all night and then my man watches one sail across the middle for strike three.

The Tigers are like a football team that spends the entire game in the red zone and has to settle for field goals. Or maybe they are more like the football team that gets into the red zone and fumbles on the next snap.

And have you seen some of the swings? Peralta needed a canoe paddle to touch that pitch he struck out on. Kareem Abdul Jabbar did not have enough reach to get to that pitch. Then you’ve got Prince Fielder swinging at pitches above his eyes, Brennan Boesch swinging at his feet and Peralta swinging at pitches near the concession stands.

If I were a pitcher I’d never throw a strike to these guys. Why? They are swinging for the fences every time they are at the plate.

And did you see the Fielder throw to the plate with the infield drawn in? He was five feet from the plate but threw the ball into the ground. Instead of planting his feet and making a good throw (he had plenty of time) he looked more like Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson scrambling from the Spartan front four.

I know. It is too early to panic. The Tigers can still win this division and make a run in the playoffs. I am not thinking that far. I am not thinking rationally. Do you know why?

I can’t get this out of my head.

Bases loaded and no outs and you don’t score.



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2 Responses to “Tigers load it up and throw away another game”

  1. Jeff Fisher Says:

    This team should already have 10 win streaks. Something is going on behind the scenes and nobody is talking. What else would it be then? The price they paid for Prince, now looking at it they shouldve spent the money on a 3rd baseman and a 2nd baseman and an outfielder. This team is really hard to watch now. How can they load the bases up TWICE and not score? Something isnt working. Maybe Leyland’s style of managing isnt working with this type of team. Maybe Leyland needs to retire and the team should find someone else to manage.


  2. Mike Says:

    I mentioned this on my twitter last night.

    The Tigers have seen the fewest amount of pitches of any team in the AL. Fourth fewest in the MLB behing the Pirates, cubs, and Reds. Now granted, they’ve also played the fewest amount of games at 43 but this really will put it in perspective.

    The Kansas City Royals have played the exact same amount of games and have had 16 more plate appearances (including at bats which they’ve walked) and have seen 89 more pitches.

    Plate. Discipline.

    I’m not jumping on any “Fire so and so” bandwagon but something needs to change in the way these guys are approaching at bats and fast if they want to play October baseball.


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