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My perfect weekend

Written By: Terry Foster | May 21, 2012

Filed Under: Family, Life

Friday night I sat on my backyard patio with a beer in hand and looked up into the star filled sky. The children were off in the distance playing and the wife was up in har room watching television.

I let out a sigh and took in the peace and solitude. I don’t need much after a hard week of work. Sometimes you need time to yourself to clear your mind and exhale. I got that moment Friday but little did I know it was the beginning of a near perfect weekend. The weather was superb and that made things better.

I got to do some neat things this weekend. Nobody bothered me and nobody stressed me out.

My highlights included covering the Tigers game Saturday. I wanted to do a man in the ball park column for the Detroit News and that is exactly what I did. I skipped the press box and walked around the ball park and interviewed fans for my Sunday column. It was fun to do and I had a blast working. Sometimes my job does not feel like work. This was one of those days.

Later that night I enjoyed a burger at The Detroiter and met some new friends at The Oakland in Ferndale. It is a hard place to find but it was worth the trip. I hung with two doctors and a news anchor and the people that run the place brought us some amazing tasting drinks. I did not gulp anything down. I savored every sip.

The Oakland does scratch drinks where they use high end booze and create their own mixes. The only rules are you must agree not to use your cell phone and pay your tab of course.

On Sunday I got to judge Burger Wars at Pine Knob Golf Course. I got to taste seven amazing burgers and judge for a cause. It was a charity benefit for Justin’s Vision, an organization that pays for dream trips for children and their families that face death because of disease. I was glad to be part of a great event like this and seeing Pine Knob gave me an itch to golf more this summer.

The winning burger came from Mallie”s in Southgate, a place I’ve been to several times. Owner Steve Mallie created a new burger with white cheddar cheese and spices on an onion roll that was amazing.  It is not even on the menu there but he plans on adding it soon.

Later that day I went to Bay City for Celine’s soccer game. The Force tied the Bay City team but I got to see my daughter score and see her playing better after laying off three months with a foot injury. I am proud of her come back. It has been a struggle for her but she has five goals in the seven she has played in during her come back.

We even got to talk on the ride home before video games took over her world again.

I hope for another great weekend M. Celine will play in Canton Cup and I plan on grilling and chilln the rest of the time.


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