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A night in jail made no sense on this beautiful day

Written By: Terry Foster | May 20, 2012

Filed Under: Life

Saturday was a near perfect day. The weather was beautiful. There was not a cloud in the sky.

I got to spend much of it at Comerica Park watching the Tigers and then went to the Detroiter for a burger and beer. People were out and having a great time and I was really enjoying the day even though the Tigers lost again.

And then it happened. I am walking to my car near the Millender Center when I noticed a group of teenagers walking down the street. I did not give it much thought and kept walking. All of a sudden police cars swooped in and two officers jumped out and tackled a guy to the ground and put him in handcuffs.

Others scrambled and there was chaos in the streets of Detroit. And I could not help but think about this wonderful day and all the great things that were going on in Detroit. Maybe I am dumb and naive but how the heck do you get arrested on a great day like this when you come downtown to hang out?

Let me try to understand the mind set. I get up and put on shorts and a T-shirt.  I call my girls to hang out. And then I do something stupid to get arrested? I wonder if it was worth it.

I do not know what the kid did that got arrested. He had that stupid look on his face like he was expecting a visit from the police. He had guilt written all over his face. Maybe this post makes no sense, but I could not help but think what a knucklehead this person was. It was a perfect day in Detroit and this fool decides he wants to spend part of it in the clink.

It makes no sense.

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