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Drugs hit too close to home

Written By: Terry Foster | May 19, 2012

Filed Under: Family, Life, Parenthood

This is a sad time for me. No one died. No one is sick.

But a slice of life died. Drugs inched a little closer to my daughter Celine. She received a text from a friend that a couple of other kids they know were busted for drugs. Celine is 12. I am sure they were eighth graders but that is still too young to be experimenting with drugs. And on the way home from soccer we had to have that talk sooner than I wanted.

Drugs are not the answer. We’ve spoke to Celine about drug use before. We talked about how bad they can be, how they ruin lives and ruin hopes and dreams for the future. But this talk was for real because I know they are hovering near her. Maybe they are at school. Maybe they are at a friends’ house. I do not know but I believe now we must be even more particular by where she goes and where she spends the night.

I am certain that her close friends are clean and do not do drugs. I do know Celine is afraid of drugs, afraid of the thought of kissing a boy and afraid of so many things in life. I kind of like it that way. But the fears disappear at some point and common sense must take over.

I must be behind the times because I thought she would be exposed to drugs in high school. Or maybe exposed to kids who were using drugs. She has never seen a joint. She has never seen cocaine and curls her face in disgust at the thought of using drugs. I trust her and believe her when she says she would never use.

However, I need to put my guard up a little higher to protect her. You can never be too careful.


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One Response to “Drugs hit too close to home”

  1. Jake l Says:

    My daughter is almost three and have another daughter on the way im dreading when they get old enough to be confronted with drugs and sex. I hope I can raise them with tools and mindset to stay away from that stuff


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