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Give me one word to describe the Tigers so far

Written By: Terry Foster | May 15, 2012

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The other day Detroit News columnist Neal Ruben wrote a column asking us to describe the city of Detroit in one word. It got a lot of response and was an offshoot of a face book question by Karen Dumas.

I want to steal the idea and ask you a simple question. Give me one word to describe the Detroit Tigers?

There are so many ways you can go with this and my first inclination is to use the word disappointing. They are nerve wracking and at this point are not fun to watch. I know it is still early in the season but we are getting close to the old Sparky Anderson 40 game assessment. He said you know about a team after 40 games.

The Tigers (17-18) play Game number 36 Tuesday afternoon in Chicago and everything about this season has been disappointing. With the way they’ve blown leads you could probably think of a few four letter words but I am trying to keep this classy. How disappointed were you to see the Tigers blow two three-run leads against the White Sox Monday night?

People praised the Tigers for their offensive punch. I disagree. White Sox starting pitcher John Danks was terrible. Any team would have lit him up. Once he was out the game the Tigers’ offense turned lame again. In more than half their games they’ve scored three runs or less. Silly me thought they would be losing 13-10 games, not 3-2 games.

So far you can put Papa Grande, Ryan Raburn, Ramon Santiago, Delmon Young, Jhonny Peralta, Rick Porcello and Brennan Boesch on the disappointing list. There are others but they seem to be the main culprits. Jeez, Delmon Young can’t even go out and get drunk without an incident.

The good news is there is plenty of time to clean up their act. They are just two games behind the Cleveland Indians so there is plenty of time to rally and run away with the division. It seems as if their persona is to start slow and pick it up later. Maybe we will look back at these weeks and laugh and ask why we were so upset. But I simply know this team is not good right now and they should be challenged.

So what is your one word?

Give it to me. And you don’t have to be nice about it either.

12 Responses to “Give me one word to describe the Tigers so far”

  1. Jason K. Says:

    It’s actually 3 words, sorry – STRUG A LING


  2. Stephen Says:


    It can be applied to many of the things ailing the Tigers right now: The hitting overall, hitting with RISP, bullpen, Porcello and Scherzer, Leyland, Raburn. I feel frustrated when any of these things are not going the Tiger’s way, which is a lot these days.


  3. Ryan Says:



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  10. Stephen Says:


    P.S. How is Max Scherzer not “disappointing”? Is that because such a qualifier fails to define how bad his pitching in 2012 has been?



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