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I don’t care who you sleep with

Written By: Terry Foster | May 10, 2012

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Back in the day I used to sneak off to California for a long distance relationship with my girl Miss Lemons. She got the nick name because she grew these huge lemons in her backyard.

We met in San Francisco and various other cities but she was a bit nervous when I visited her home town. She told me about her friends Johnathon and Robert. They were her two best friends and she hoped that I liked them. When I got there we went to their apartment which overlooked a beautiful valley. They were lovers who lived together and were planning a life together.

She asked me what I thought. I told her I did not care. It was like the weight of the world was lifted off her shoulders. She simply wanted me to accept her friends.

I really do not care who you sleep with. I do not care who you fall in love with. It is just not on the top of my radar. If somebody is cool with me, I am cool with them. Currently there are a lot of angry words being exchanged after President Obama said he supported gay marriage.

His Republican challenger Mitt Romney immediately came out and said a man should be with a woman. I suppose both men have strong reasons to believe what they do. If two gay people want to get married I am OK with that. It does not affect me. It does not hurt me. It does not bother me.

If you are against gay marriage, I understand your position.

Who am I to tell you who to be with? That is none of my business. I just want people to be happy. There is so much misery in the world and too many people looking for love. If you find it then grab onto it.

The whole gay thing used to bother me when I was a youth. There was a gay guy named Ezelle who used to flamboyantly walk through the neighborhood wearing all kinds of outrageous costumes. He had boyfriends. We used to laugh at him. Then one day we just stopped making fun of him and most of the neighborhood accepted him. He never bothered anybody. He’d help people with chores. So why were we dissing him?

Parents disown their children because of who they date and who they want to be with. That will never happen with me. If you find love no matter the size, package of gender I support you.

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6 Responses to “I don’t care who you sleep with”

  1. Jordan Blackistone Says:

    Your editor must have missed the “I Underst”, you need to spell out the whole word terbear. Also, I also do not care/judge people on who they want to love, but I will not support Gay marriage as it is against my beliefs. Marriage is meant to be between man and a woman. Democrats are fucking up the world.


  2. D_Town Says:

    The thing that gets my panties in a bunch is that many of those who oppose use religion as their reason. Which would be ok if the governments weren’t making the laws that oppose. That is mixing church and state, which you are not supposed to do. So if you are going to make marriage a religious thing, than government should have no say in it gay or straight. As long as government offers different rights to married individuals, every human being under law should be able to marry.


  3. JD Says:

    If you try to derive your happiness from controlling what others do, I don’t believe you will every truly be happy. Good blog, Terry.


  4. Tim B Says:

    Well stated Mr. Foster! Live and let live. If it doesn’t affect me me, it doesn’t bother me. If people have some sort of religious problem with what I think is usually a result of biological differences, then let their God figure it out.


  5. Dave Says:

    How many times have you heard can’t live with them, can’t shoot them??? In reference to men getting along with their significant other. And I am sure that women are saying the same thing about men. Posiive. Some people can not be with or accept relationships with opposite sex partners. So a choice to feel more comfortable in a relatinship would naturally be with a same sex partner. How can anyone stand in the way, or make judgement of that person making that choice? Marriage is an individual choice, not a state/government decision. You know not too long ago we would have been discussing interracial marriages in the same manner…it was unlawful in some states!! Oh my…lets not take a step back in society, how about we just move forward.


  6. Muputoo Says:

    Dear Mr. Foster,

    No one cares who u sleep with or play dress up with. Marriage is a different story. Polygamy is another story. As society decays you will be affected more and more, as will your children, and theirs. Look around you and explain how we have deteriorated as a culture. Our children have no respect for human life, not even their offspring. No Mr. Foster, you are affected by the decline of civilization, wake up before it is too late.


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