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The cheap date in bed

Written By: Terry Foster | May 4, 2012

Filed Under: Family, Life

My wife Abs doesn’t work but she works too hard if that makes sense.

She is the president of the PTO. She is involved in two charity organizations and she is the one who schedules some of my appearances and charity events. Last week she went on a brutal five-day bus ride with my daughter Celine on a bus. She was in charge of the fun run at Brandon’s school and she went to two other meetings.

And during that time I wasn’t exactly hanging around the house in my underwear because of my two jobs.

I could tell she was stressed.

After the kids went to bed I drove to Kroger and bought 10 mini bottles of cheap wine that cost me a whopping $10 total. I placed two bottles in the freezer, cut up some cheese and put them on crackers and placed green grapes in a bowl. Her face lit up when I came in with my cheapie late night party for two.

It wasn’t much but it meant all the world to her and me.

Sometimes I know she is about to jump into the deep end. And I think about taking her to a nice restaurant or doing a last minute surprise trip.  That is nice and all but sometimes you simply need something plain and simple when you are a couple. We don’t spend as much time around each other as you would think.

I work. She does stuff. We are home often but the kids are around needing help with home work or needing a ride to and from soccer. We often go to dinner but we are usually asking for a table for four. Saturday is usually men’s day. Brandon and I enjoy running errands, having lunch and bonding. That is important too.

But Abs and I really enjoyed laying up in bed with our cheap wine that tasted like Kool-Aid, munching on cheese, crackers and grapes. We talked and kissed and then like any middle aged couple, we fell asleep. The rigors of the day got to us but at least we had each other. The next morning I took the tiny wine bottles downstairs along with the wilted cheese.

It was time for another hectic day. But at least we had that moment and I promise we will do it more.


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One Response to “The cheap date in bed”

  1. Will O. Says:

    Sometimes its the small subtle things that matter the most! You def scored major brownie points Terry! Well done sir


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