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Don’t you know who the bleep I am?

Written By: Terry Foster | May 2, 2012

Filed Under: Life, Opinion

I heard an interesting story about a professional Detroit athlete who pulled the “Don’t you know who the bleep I am card?”

The funny thing is he is not that well known. But I will protect his identity. He wanted to get into a bar and forgot his ID. The woman who was checking ID said she needed to know how old he was. She could not let him in because he looked young.

He became angry and pulled out the “Don’t you know who the bleep I am card?”

How sad. Why do athletes believe they are entitled to so much? And why do they give so little? I’ve heard too many stories of well paid athletes going to bars and restaurants and not tipping. Or they run up big bills and leave a couple of bucks on the table. Tiger Woods who is still nearly a half a billionaire after Elin is reportedly a poor tipper.

That is silly.

The other day I could not remember if I tipped somebody because I was in a rush. I could not sleep thinking about it. But I finally realized I did and felt better about it. I plan on leaving something extra next time I go there just to make sure.

Here is one thing athletes need to understand. Everybody does not know who they are. Everybody does not have a 100 percent recognition rating, not even the president. I know I do not even though I’ve become a twink-let in this town. A few people know who I am but I do not try to take advantage of that.

Let me give you an example. I was standing in line to get into a sports bar a few months ago. The bouncer sees me and says he’d be fired if his boss saw me standing in line.

It happened again a few weeks later at another place.  A few days ago I waited a few minutes to get into the Town Pump. I did not bogart my way to the front of the line. I waited. I too forgot my ID. The guy did not know who I was and did not let me in. I guess that was my opportunity to play the “don’t you know who the bleep I am card?”

I did not. I simply walked across the street and had a good time.

I did not make a scene. I did not act an ass. Was it really that insulting?

I know a bunch of people who don’t know who the bleep I am. I can wait in line like everybody else.


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4 Responses to “Don’t you know who the bleep I am?”

  1. Ron Says:

    I know Terry Foster, and you sir, are no Terry Foster!


  2. Karl Says:

    I wonder who it is…could you at least tell us the team he plays for? Good stuff, Terry.


  3. Mo Says:

    Terry I agree with you on many respects but I think many of these issues arise because these athletes are constatnly being pandered and coddled to for the majority of their careers. I don’t know who this athlete is that you’re referring to but I think if we take a look at whom these issues arise with it’s typically “named” atheletes who throughout their career they’ve been told they’re the best and it builds up an ego that becomes to big for anyone to handle, then mix in alcohol and well I’m sure you know many more instances where things like this happen. That being said there is no excuse for not tipping, having been a server I understand the difficulties of making a living based off someones perception of the service they had or just plain ol’ dickery if you will. I have had bad service on more than a few occassions since and I still tip very generously because I understand that some nights you don’t have it and can be a drag. Unfortunately you are on of the local celebrities who gets it when it comes to “knowing you you are.” I’ve always said that people who don’t “get it” don’t get that they don’t “get it”…you and Mike make my day


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