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My formula for electing a white mayor in Detroit

Written By: Terry Foster | April 30, 2012

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Let me answer Nolan Finley’s question of is Detroit ready for a white mayor?

Actually the question is will Detroit elect a white mayor? My first instinct is to say no, but there is an opening that could allow for it.

Detroit News columnist Finley wrote about Detroit Medical Center Chief Mike Duggan moving from Livonia to Detroit. The rumblings in the political circles is he wants to run for Mayor. Current Mayor Dave Bing should make this his last term. He gave it the old college try but he has ailments and needs to chill the rest of his life.

Why can’t Duggan replace him?

It is simple. He is white. Most black Detroiter’s won’t vote for a white candidate for mayor.

So why can Duggan replace Bing?

Most black Detroiters don’t vote. And that could be the opening for Duggan if enough whites move into the city. Bing won the 2009 special election with just 49,000 votes. He got 70,000 votes in the general election. That is not that many votes in a city of 800,000.

Here is how he could win. If Duggan gets a lot of support from the business men who are buying up property downtown he could raise a lot of money and raise a lot of awareness. The political machine could put him in. The problem is most black folks are not going to vote for him. They think the city is under attack from the governor, financial managers and of course the big bad media.

They talk a big game about wanting to take back the city and make it better but many stay home on election night. If Duggan gets on the ballot and black Detroiter’s stay home on election night, he could win. Apathy is the wrong reason to win an election but it is quite possible. Here is the other key. New business are moving downtown and bringing a number of white workers with them. Some have chosen to live in the city and could give Duggan more support.

I hope he does run. I’ve met Duggan a few times. He seems like an enthusiastic and energetic guy. He knows how to generate support and he has a hidden political machine ready to jump into a race.

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7 Responses to “My formula for electing a white mayor in Detroit”

  1. Eva Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Terry…


  2. Patrick Says:

    Duggan, good name…

    However, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to imagine this man doesn’t have some skeletons from the same political house as McNamara, the Kilpatrick’s, Granholm, etc…

    No offense, but it’s time to leave the old guard in the past regardless of color.


  3. Bryant Says:

    Detroit would certainly elect a white mayor if only white candidates are on the ballot.


  4. Dale Says:

    I’m both black and, live in Detroit…..I would vote for a white mayor – but as stated, not a shady one. I think the type of candidate I would willingly vote for does NOT live in the city. Black or white.


  5. james Says:

    we keep saying detroiters wont vote for a black guy, when was the last time a non black made a serious run for mayor. do detroiters even have a choice? BTW – your article is obviously slanted toward Duggna for mayor, but you know him so thats fine. Another thing, when will Detroit and pundits stop talking about race and how to get a white guy in and start talking about actual candidates. Duggan was on watch when the DMC was bankrupt, he was there for the sdale, but any could have said, I messed up lets get somein here to help. Bing has had trouble with his business’ in the past now we want him to be mayor. Charles pugh has foreclosed on a house, same with kwame kenyatta, Joanne watson is most likely a tax cheat. But all we tlak about is black versus white. Please stop writing articles like this, and tell Nolan Finley he is a opportunistic race-baiter.


  6. Terry Foster Says:

    I disagree Tim. Look at the numbers. If Detroiters were interested in the best person why did they elect Kwame Kilpatrick the last time? Why are the voting percentages so low? Why do you still have people passing round pamplets saying vote the black slate? Why do candidates with popular last names win so many elections? Prove me wrong Tim. I am waiting.


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