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Confused about the Detroit Lions draft

Written By: Terry Foster | April 29, 2012

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I am like the rest of you. I just don’t get the Lions 2012 draft.

I don’t know why they didn’t bring in more impact defensive players. I do not know why they drafted an injured wide receiver in the second round and I am looking for answers. I think offense is wonderful and exciting but teams are not title contenders until their defense is stout. That is my belief although Green Bay and New England bucked that trend last season.

I simply know at the end of the day it was the defensive-minded New York Giants that won the Super Bowl following a so-so regular season.

The Lions needed offensive lineman Riley Reiff because Gosder Cherilus is a bad right tackle and left tackle Jeff Backus does not have much tread on the tires. The Lions needed wide receiver Ryan Broyles because Nate Burleson is probably gone after next season and Broyles can be a nice possession receiver.

But I really wanted them to shore up the defensive back field. The Lions brought in guys we’d never heard of. Dwight Bentley or Little Bill or whatever his name is is a tiny nickle back with speed and small hands. My folks in the MIAA said Albion’s Chris Greenwood is a freakish athlete who runs like the wind. But isn’t anybody who runs a 4.4 in the MIAA a freakish athlete? When you look back on it the Lions are trying to solve their defensive backfield problems with guys from Louisiana-Lafayette and Albion. That is hardly Alabama or LSU.

I am not saying they are not good. I am just saying.

I do believe Oklahoma defensive end Ronnell Lewis will make an impact. He makes a lot of tackles but he misses a lot of tackles and needs to get more physical. But that is what weight rooms and training camp are for.

The Detroit News did a cyber survey and 79 percent of voters said the Lions draft was good to so-so. Only five percent thought it was great. Place me in the so-so category.


The Lions kept saying they were drafting the best available player. I guess the question I would like Martin Mayhew and Jim Schwartz to answer is how does this draft make the Lions better?

I am not ticked off about the draft. I simply want more answers. Mayhew has some street cred with me because he turned around a terrible franchise. So I stand here with question marks swimming around my head. But I also know the guy has done some great things for this franchise.

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5 Responses to “Confused about the Detroit Lions draft”

  1. Allen Grandell Says:

    Whats up T-Fos. I am pretty irritated with the draft. In my opinion a lot of good corners were on the board when we picked our WR. I don’t get why we didn’t wait to see about the injured wide out in the third round. He probably would have made it to us. The line-backers aren’t such a big deal because of the veterans that can show them the ropes, such as Tulloch who was a 4th round pick himself. But we have a glaring need at corner still. They brought in a guy in the third round that is the same small size Alphonso Smith is. Really 5’9″, Aaron Berry better have himself one breakout year at the number 2 spot or we’re in trouble. Oh, by the way. It was nice meeting you at the Fillmore. I’ll still be listening on the web when I move to Tennessee in a month or so.


  2. Lee Torre Says:

    I’m with you T-Fos, I wrote about the same thing on my little Lions fan site. I’m just going to trust in Mayhew and hope for the best. I’ve been listening to you since I was a kid Terry, I’m an old 34 years old now. You are the man and I look up to you bruh. Northlawn & Puritan baby!!!!


  3. Matt Says:

    You are useless. Retire already.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Hey bird brain. If I am useless at least give me a reason why I should retire. It it because I don’t write what you want to hear? Did I hurt your feelings?


  4. TC Says:

    Ya I’m in the so-so category. They addressed needs, even with Broyles, but it just feels like they could have done so much better.


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