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How dare this N scores the game-winning goal in hockey

Written By: Terry Foster | April 27, 2012

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The guy calls every two to three months.

He calls just to remind me that despite my successes in life that I am still a nigger.

He calls because I hate white people and I’ve never defended a white athlete in my columns. He calls because black athletes are ignorant and covet white women. He calls to remind me that I am stupid and that I am taking a job away from a smarter and more qualified white guy. And he knows for a fact that I have four children on the East side by two or three baby mommas because that is what we do.

The guy has been leaving messages on my Detroit News voice mail for about five years. I do not hang up. I do not cut the messages short. I listen to every single hate-filled word because it acts as a reminder that we have not totally overcome. He is not the only one, but this guy is the main one. Every blue moon I get racial attacks from others.

I’ve been called that word from a passing car. I’ve been called that word in a crowded bar.

I bring this up today because Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward endured hateful, race filled attacks on twitter by Boston Bruins fans after he ended the Bruins Stanley Cup run by scoring the game-winning goal of their series. Ward is black and he did it in a mostly white sport. I often want to get inside the heads of people like this. What’s the point? How did using racial slurs lower your stress and make you feel better?

Locally there was the hate filled letter that was sent to Cass Tech after the Technicians beat Catholic Central in the state championship football game.

People assume that our racial problems are over becuase we elected Barack Obama President of the United States. Well, the man never scored a game winning goal.

Why do we allow skin color to divide us? Do we get mad at the brown M@M? Do we kick a puppy because it is white?

However, there are still too many people that make judgements based on skin color alone.

The only thing I ask is that you judge me on how I treat you. If I am a jerk or do something that upsets you then judge me on that. We need to get beyond skin color. The vast majority of people have. But there are still some stragglers that are hard to reach.

One goal proved my point.



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13 Responses to “How dare this N scores the game-winning goal in hockey”

  1. Jenn Says:

    T-You know, I think electing Obama made the divide even greater. There is much more racism. I have seen a greater divide in the country. I have seen even more reverse racism. The black women I work with treat me very poor and very different than they treat each other for no reason. I have never done anything to them other than be myself. They talk about how they only watch tv shows with white main characters if a black character is in it. An example is a show that Danny Glover was in, his character was killed off last week, one woman said she liked the show but, now that he is off of it, she will not watch it. If I said I stopped watching a show because a white character left, I would be a racist. There is a huge double standard. I am sorry someone has so much hate for you.I do not look at you or judge you by color, people should choose who they like based on a case by case basis. I look up to you, I think you are a very positive role model for all children who grow up in households without a father. This country is going backward though and it is sad!


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Jenn. The world is going backwards a bit. But we can save it. Let me correct you on something and someone else pointed it out. There is no such thing as reverse racism. It is either a racist act or it is not. It does not matter if it is a black or white person shows hatred. Racism is racism.


  2. Roy Says:

    I agree with you but from the other side. There was a time, very recently(March 2012) that I was walking out of a Burger King in Baltimore Maryland. I as a human saw two guys(African American men) walking in. I open the door in front of me and do not think of skin color, wait for them to walk in. The first man walks in and says “Thank you sir” the second shortly after walks in and says “Thanks White Boy”. I have not always been pointed out by color so it didn’t bother me at first. As I shut the door behind the second guy it bothered me because he pointed out my skin color too me. I don’t know if this guy was racist or has hate toward me because ways he may has been treated. But I as a man never did anything to this other man to treat me as a different person. I am not writing this to make excuses for the immature ignorant comments white people may say to you. I say this because it is not only white toward black. Its ignorant toward others. Regardless of color of skin.


  3. George M Says:

    There is no such thing as “reverse” racism, Jenn. It is simply racism.


  4. wharris1985@gmail.com Says:

    T I like your requested. Judge me on how I treat you. I don’t like some people whether black or what. Because how they act or treat me. It sucks that there are people out there like the guy who calls you because now when I don’t like someone and they are black it makes me look racist haha. Those people make life harder for me!!!


  5. Wil Says:

    Terry, it sounds to me like you have overcome racial divides. It is the racists who have not!


  6. Mark Says:

    I love you T-Foster


  7. Pepper Longstocking Says:

    You never cease to amaze me Terry. Let me quote you once more. “However, there are still too many people that make judgements based on skin color alone.” That could possibly be the most hippocratic thing I have ever heard in my life. You constantly feel that the African American community is being wronged. Don’t get me wrong I do not believe this random guy that calls you is in the right. However quit trying to get sympathy from your readers now after your DLS blasphemy. Your a sports writer quit making your articles about race. Make it about the game. People read and listen to your stuff because you are privileged enough to get the inside on story on most of Detroit sports. But you’d rather talk about how mean white people are to black people. It’s 2012 the civil rights movement is over with.


    • Bruce Says:


      How can a statement be “hippocratic”, and just in case here is the definition.

      Adj. 1. Hippocratic – of or relating to Hippocrates or the school of medicine that took his name

      Terry’s article was about the “game”, a game were the Bruins were eliminated from the playoffs, during game seven, while in overtime!
      But the athlete who scored the game winning goal, Joel Ward, was greeted to a racist outburst on Twitter!
      Is a Sports writer supposed to ignore this, are we as fan supposed to look the other way? The Civil Rights movement is over, but your comment proves racism is still alive and kicking.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Was I supposed to ignore this story. And I do not always make things about race. Very few of my comments and articles are about race. But when I point something out it makes an impact. And let me address your first point. If I believe somebody is being wronged because of race doesn’t that mean others are looking at people because of their race. I am not here to write meaningless blogs and columns. I want to make a difference in thid world. I will continue to do what I have been doing.


  8. Jason A. Says:

    T-Foster I believe this is your blog and your entitled to blog about whatever you would like to. As a sports journalist you cover all aspects of sports whether it’s winning, losing, cheating, fighting, racism or so on. Great job Terry! Keep up the good work!


  9. Mighty Joe Says:

    Keep up the good work T! The reason I read your blogs and articles and listen to you on the radio is because you don’t just report on sports. You report on life. Sometimes you make people think instead of being a mindless drone giving a re-cap of the game and I applaud you for this. You are a shining light trying to open eyes and minds and I for one think this area needs more people like you.


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