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Smoking ban should apply to all

Written By: Terry Foster | April 25, 2012

Filed Under: Life, Opinion

Tuesday night I smelled the stale fog of cigarette smoke for the first time in quite sometime. I attended a fundraiser at Greek town Casino and was taken back at the smell of smoke.

It’s been a while. And I didn’t like it.

I have not been in a casino for months so I am not used to the smell of smoke because the state of Michigan has a non smoking ban in place for every bar and restaurant not associated with a casino. So I’ve been bee bopping in sports bars and restaurants without that stale smell that I despise.

I am glad the law is in place but even I will admit that it is unfair. I love going to the bar, having a few drinks and not smelling of smoke. It feels a lot better driving home without the smell of smoke soaked in your cloths and skin. My wife would not allow me in bed until I took a shower.  However, how can you have a law that allows casinos to ignore a law while everybody else must abide by it?

That is not right and that is not fair.

That’s why I would never snitch on a bar that allows smoking. I’ve seen people smoke inside bars about five or six times in the last year and I say nothing. Some places say they are struggling because of the smoking ban. So why give casinos every advantage while the small guy has to abide by the law?

That is the unfair part about it. It is one more example of how government takes care of the big guys and makes it tougher for the smaller guys.  I do not like smoking. But I also do not like the smoking ban. It is not right.



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