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They call it puppy love

Written By: Terry Foster | April 13, 2012

Filed Under: Life

My son Brandon, 10, has a girl friend.

He doesn’t know I know. And he doesn’t want me to know. But the other day I dropped him off to school. I drove off and turned around to go home. A tall brown skin girl ran up to him and gave him a big hug. Brandon immediately turned around to see if anybody saw it. He did not see me.  A friend went to his school the other day and told me about a tall brown skin girl giving Brandon a huge hug and she smiled as if she were about to devour Thanksgiving dinner.

Again Brandon looked around to see who was looking.


I casually asked if he had a girl friend and he turned up his face as if I’d asked him if he wanted spinich for dinner. He said there is no girl. No one hugs him blah blah blah.

I dropped it because I don’t want to press him and embarrass him.

But it reminds me of my first loves and the silly reasons why I liked them.

My first love was Suzanne Parks who lived briefly on my street, Vancouver in Detroit. Suzanne was tall, slender and brown skin. Hmm. Maybe me and my son have similar taste. I loved Suzanne because she had a pretty face, waves in her hair and she always smelled like the talcom powder Mr. Carson the barber used to slap on your neck after giving you a haircut.

I was devasted when she moved away. I have not seen her since but someone told me she works at MGM Grand Casino.

My second love was Lydia. The problem with Lydia is she lived most of the year in California when he mother moved away. I loved Lydia because she was tall, brown skin and she could bend her fingers backwards. She also used to braid my hair for 50 cents.  We used to wrestle as kids and I would let her win now and then just to be close to her.

But things turned when she convinced me to eat spoiled mayonaise out of the garbage. I was sick for two days. I knew she liked me when she came to see how I was doing although the rest of the kids stayed away because I was a leaper with the Mayo touch. Our relationship officially ended when she began smoking cigarettes and dated some dude called “The Afro Dog.”

I don’t know where Brandon’s relationship is going with this girl. My o


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