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Santorum makes decision all dads should study

Written By: Terry Foster | April 11, 2012

Filed Under: Parenthood

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race and that is good news for leading candidate Mitt Romney, the Republican party and even Santorum.

This is not a political decision. This is a family issue. Santorum should have dropped out a long time ago when it became obvious his victories were too minor and his deficit too much to overcome. More importantly he should have dropped out for his daughter Bella who has chromosomal disorder Trisomy 18.

Bella was expected to die but the girl keeps on fighting even though she is in and out of the hospital. Bella needs her mother and father. We do not know if these are her final days, her final months or if she is going to keep hanging in there as an inspiration to all. There is a bigger message for all dads. Are we there enough for our families in good and bad times?

Do we work too much? Do we travel too much? Do we party too much?

Both of my children are healthy and active children. Sometimes they are too active but I will take it any day of the week. My favorite times of the week are spent at Celine’s soccer games and Saturday morning with Brandon. I love seeing my daughter play and I love running errands with Brandon on Saturday and having lunch in the food court. I love Friday nights when the work week is done and I have no game to cover.

We go to Pizzeria Biga or Bravos for pizza and pasta. Or we get carry out and hang in the family room and watch bad movies.

I remember getting called out by a friend who said I did not hang out with the boys enough. He said he had not seen me at Floods in a long time and I was out of touch with the social scene in Detroit. I could not believe I was hearing these words from him. Yeah I might be out of touch with the party scene but I do not want to be out of touch with my children.

I am sure Santorum will find peace and happiness spending time with Bella. That is his flesh and blood and she is more important than anything right now — even a long shot Presidential campaign.


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2 Responses to “Santorum makes decision all dads should study”

  1. Wes Says:

    Well said Terry! However Santorum was a Congressman then Senator, never Governor.


  2. Mighty Joe Says:

    Right on Terry. I was thinking about this same subject when I ran across your blog. My kids mean everything to me, and sometimes I feel I work way too much or feel guilty for going out. The times that mean the most to me now are spent with my kids. They’re little us’s.


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