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She’s fallen and she can’t get up

Written By: Terry Foster | April 6, 2012

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First she fell inside the restaurant. The woman tried to get up from her chair at American Coney Island but her legs were made of rubber.


I saw the scene unfold in front of me but I was too busy enjoying my evening treat. People looked up with concern as the drunk woman struggled to get on her feet. Finally her friend and another guy helped her up. It was time for this one to go home.

Like most drunks she was a little indignant.

“I can make it on my own,” she said.

All she had to do was navagate a one block walk to the Westin Hotel. Her friend wanted to call a cab. The woman said she could make it. Of course she stopped at my table to ask how I was doing. I told her to be careful and not to drive.

“Oh no honey. I am just going to walk to my hotel room. I will be alright. Hey you are kind of cute.”

“I am taken,” I replied.

FYI. Even if I wasn’t taken it was not happening.

I made a private bet to myself that she couldn’t make the one block walk to the hotel

I owe myself $50.

She turned, opened the door and did the longest, slowest, most twisting fall in the history of man kind. After what seemed like 90 minutes she finally fell face down in the street. I did not say the side walk. I did not say the curb. Home girl fell in the street.

The old me would have gotten involved because I do care about people, especially drunk people because they are in a state where they could end up killing themselves. The last time I got involved I didn’t make it home until 4 in the morning. That’s the night I saw a bare foot drunk woman running the streets of the Cass Coridor. I thought she was in trouble and offered to drive her home. She passed out in my car and I just couldn’t roll her into the streets.

When this woman passed out at American my only involvement was wishing her well. Moments later the police came. She was ok physically and American let one of its workers walk her to the hotel. It was the end of a crazy opening day for me. I hope the woman is OK when she finally wakes up next Tuesday.




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  1. mike Says:

    thats a sad sight… what happened to the lady in the corridor?


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