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Looking forward to opening day

Written By: Terry Foster | April 5, 2012

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Things I will be looking for on Tigers Opening day.

** The ovations. How loud will Tiger fans cheer Prince Fielder? He is the new guy on the block with the potential to be a big hero in a rabid sports town. Fielder should know the feel since he lived here when his father Cecil Fielder played here.

** The response. People praise and dog Brandon Inge on the radio. He won’t play but he will be at Comerica Park. If he is introduced I am betting we hear boos but I am also betting that ovation will be louder than you think. I am going 85 percent cheers to 15 percent boos.

** The atmosphere. How crazy will it be? How exciting will people be for baseball? Normally people are nuts on this day. But this team carries high expectations which will heighten the anticipation.

** The first chopper to third base. Will Miguel Cabrera handle it cleanly or will he flub it? Will he even get to it or will he fall in the grass? Ground balls to third will come with great expectation.

** The first pitch. Ace Justin Verlander will launch it. Is he back on his game? Or did all the distractions and traps of the off season linger?

** The ladies. Comerica Park is a great place to come when it is warm because you know the ladies will dress to please. However, it will be a chilly day. Will our finest be at their finest?

** The bar scenes. There is nothing like a crowded bar with spilled beer and drunk people. They are fun to watch. But it is difficult to hold a conversation with them.

** Austin Jackson at the plate. We are so focused on Miggy and Prince. But you do know the Tigers will be unstoppable if teams cannot stop Jackson from getting on base. He can be a spark plug that can ignite the Tigers.

** The post game show. The Valenti and Foster Show will broadcast live after the Tigers game in Grand Circus Park. They got us on a big stage and it will be a party atmosphere until we get off the air at 6 p.m.

The outcome. Opening with the Boston Red Sox is no easy chore. A win will send the people into a frenzy and dreams of a World Series. A loss does the exact opposite and make people wonder if the Tigers can beat the Cleveland Indians.

** The tweets. I am going to work twitter all day in every way. Check me out on twitter at TerryFoster971. I am going to be a tweeting fool.


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