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We got a mobile weed epidemic going on around here

Written By: Terry Foster | April 4, 2012

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Let me make a confession. And if it makes me a square then so be it.

I’ve never bought weed in my life.  And I don’t even know where to get it. I really don’t care to know.

But it sure was in the news Tuesday. There were so many reports of athletes with weed that I think the Detroit News just hired an athletes on weed beat to keep up. It was crazy. And stupid.

Three Lion players have been caught with the stuff since the season ended. Then Michigan State forward Derrick Nix got caught with drugs in his car and has been suspended indefinitely from the Spartans basketball team.  They caught Lions running back Mikel Leshoure twice in one month.  Defensive tackle Nick Fairley topped that by getting stopped twice in one day on traffic violations. The second time they caught him with weed.

So one of two things happened. The Mobile Alabama police did not catch him with the weed the first time. Or he was on his way to the drug man when they stopped him the first time. How do you get caught for a traffic violation, say good bye officer, and then go speeding around a neighborhood?

I don’t know what is more stupid. Fairley’s actions or LSU football player Morris Claiborne scoring a 4 on the Wonderlic test.

We’ve talked about this on the radio and a couple of people suggested that head coach Jim Schwartz has lost control of the team. I disagree. If you think this is the first time a Lions player has lit up a fatty then you are nuts. Pro athletes smoke dope. The smart ones do it in the privacy of their home and don’t drive around mobile pharmacies.

I don’t say Schwartz has lost control. I say the Lions drafted players who are young and dumb. No wonder the White Castle drive thru near the Lions practice facility did record business.  And shame on Nix. He said he wanted to be the Spartans senior leader next season. Good luck with that one pal.

I am not going to stand up on my soap box and say athletes should not smoke dope. We know they are. Just be smarter about it, especially if you wear a Detroit or state of Michigan uniform.


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