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The NFL should consider medical marijuana program

Written By: Terry Foster | April 3, 2012

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Lions running back Mikel Leshoure’s career in Detroit could be over before it even begins. He’s been caught twice with marijuana in his car within a month. They are dumb moves and it is an issue the NFL will deal with. Do not be surprised if he is suspended a couple of games next season and the Lions are forced to make a decision on him.

However, I am not here to scold him. I am here for another reason. The NFL should make marijuana an accepted part of the game to ease players’ pain. If you can have medical marijuana for every day people with chronic disease and pain, then the same should happen in the NFL. The league should consider a controlled environment where weed is distributed to players in pain.

I’ve seen how players move the Monday after a game, especially veteran players. They’d lose a race in a seniors home. Former Lions tight end Charlie Sanders once told me that the brutality in the NFL goes beyond cruel.

“It is stupid,” he said.

Players suffer from concussions. They play with broken bones and damaged nerves. They get knocked out of games or sometimes sit on the sidelines semi conscious while fans cheer on the next play. I would never make this proposal for baseball, hockey or basketball. But football is a different animal.

Sunday afternoon in the fall is the most violent and cruel part of the week in the United States of America. If a guy wants to lose his pain in a blunt I am all for it. Of course you must have some controls. You cannot smoke on game day or in the dressing room.  There should be rules but the league can figure that out.

I’ve spoken to people who used all types of drugs to ease their pain. They said weed worked best. If it is good enough for them why not spread it to players who are in pain for our entertainment.

I know a number of you will say it is a dumb idea. Don’t just blurt out your hatred. Tell me why.


2 Responses to “The NFL should consider medical marijuana program”

  1. Jason Says:

    I couldn’t agree more Terry.


  2. Pat Says:

    Oh my gosh, its about time common sense thinking was published on this issue. Terry, you are 100% correct.  Would you not also agree that if a white player is busted with alcohol he is dealt with less severily then if a black guy gets busted with weed? Its the same thing  One might say that smacks of racism.  White dudes drink beer as their vice and black guys like a little weed.  So what!  To each cultures own.  I only point this out because the NFL is predominentally African-American. Oops…was that not politically correct. Shame on me.  Nonetheless, society is finally in a perfect place to take this issue head on. Approve medical marijuana use in the NFL. Most players smoke the chronic anyways.  I applaud your commentary.  PS- I assume we all agree responsible medical marijuana use is paramount. 


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