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Where the &*)$#* did that come from?

Written By: Terry Foster | April 1, 2012

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I usually do not curse. I swear I don’t. But I let a real bad volley of bad words fly Friday morning and even I was stunned when the words came tumbling out of my mouth,

I won’t tell you what I said. But it was bad and I immediately ran home and washed my mouth out with soap and water although soup and water would have tasted a lot better.

Let me tell you the story. I was playing basketball at Lifetime Fitness and there was a mad scramble. The ball was loose and I knew my old ass (opps there I go again) could not get the ball. I held up and a much younger and more athletic buck slapped at the ball and they called it out on me. I was stunned.

So as usual in pickup games you argue and call each other liars and then they wanted me to shoot a three-point shot to prove my innocence and keep the ball. I refused.  We argued more and then I just lost it. These hideous four letter words bum rushed from my mouth like the bulls at Pamplona. I have no idea where those words came from.

I take responsibility. And I stand before you and confess that I am a potty mouth.

I normally do not curse during everyday conversation but the true test of a person is how do you react when stressed. I failed. I have not been in many competitive situations because I quit playing basketball for a long, long time and the juices were flowing that morning. I was mad. I knew I was right and my emotions got the best of me.

So next time I get into an argument on the basketball court I will simply say “no way buddy boy.”

That should keep me out of trouble.



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One Response to “Where the &*)$#* did that come from?”

  1. Matt Says:

    Most pointless blog I have ever read. Just quit, Terry.


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