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Does anyone care that another Detroit child was murdered?

Written By: Terry Foster | March 29, 2012

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Another child was shot and killed in Detroit last night. And there will be no protest or outrage. No one will wear a hoodie or carry a picket sign in protest.

We should. I would love to tell you the child’s name and age but I cannot. The 12 or 13 year old was shot around 3 in the morning, was doused with gasoline and set on fire. The body was so badly burned that police do not know if it is male or female. A tear came to my eye just writing this. My daughter is 12 years old about to turn 13. This hits close to home.

It will just be another face that comes and goes in the media unless it was a black child killed by a white person or a white child killed by a black person. It seems as if the only time we become angry with murder is if it is a hate crime with race involved. The way I look at it is a death is a death. Isn’t every murder a hate crime? The Rev. Jesse Jackson said something interesting on WDIV Thursday morning.

It went something like this. If it is a white on black crime it is revolt time. If it is a white on white crime or a black on black crime it is Miller Time. In other words we move on, have that drink at the bar and forget about it. Life has no value any more unless it is a hate crime.

There are some who criticize me because I do not live in the city of Detroit. I did for a long time until I started thinking about family, schools and safety of my family. I can afford to live in a nice safe community. Excuse me for that. I have two children that I love very much. I want to make sure they are safe and I want to make sure they get the best education they can.

I do not want my son’s face on the morning news for 20 seconds of shame in what I call the Negro round up. Inner city kids are killed way too often and people frown for a few seconds over coffee and move on with their lives.

Meanwhile a smoldering body lays in the Detroit morgue. Some friends and family members will mourn the death. The rest of us will move on with our lives waiting for the next gruesome story out of Detroit.
The weekend is coming. It is Miller Time.



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29 Responses to “Does anyone care that another Detroit child was murdered?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Very well said…and the ABSOLUTE truth!!


    • Andrea Zastawny Says:

      I care….something can and should be done about it. I know of a successful action taken by one man from south central Los Angeles, Compton. Isacc Asberry did something about the inner city problem in his city. He is taking responsibility for the crime and murders in his town; a gang-torn murdering city, and bringing peace and calm and more happiness than sorrow to the families in that area. Detroit could use this in its neighborhoods.

      You can watch the true story at: https://ssl.iasmembership.org/campaign/twth_campaign.php

      Something Can Be Done About It….

      Andrea Zastawny, born and raised Detroiter !!


  2. Joe Says:

    Exactly right on that one. The media outlets are too busy telling us the hottest restaurants to go to, or whats good on tv tonight. If its not an easy case to sensationalize, nobody cares.

    Reminds me of something that happened a few months ago. In Detroit, a 9 months old baby boy was shot dead by a stray bullet as he slept in his mothers arms. All the news stations were busy telling us about that Bushara guy going to kinky sex clubs. Delric Miller got a couple minutes on the news, and a page on some website.


    • Corri Says:

      The news could report 24/7 on the various murders that happen in our area. Would make for depressing TV and no one would watch.


  3. Dan Says:

    Well guys, to be honest, if we sat and gave every brutal murder 10-20 minutes of coverage from every major city in the US, we’d be watching the news non stop for 24 hours. Most people care, and your common person hates to hear of any death, but we can’t simply spend our lives in fear and sadness. We must continue to live our lives instead of being drowned out by the evil that is happening around us. Also, there have been several black on white crimes across the country that have gotten limited coverage since this Trayvon case has gone viral. You won’t see groups of white people gathering around picketing, or wearing what the 13 year old kid wore the day he was burned by two black kids for being white. Why is that? Do white people just not care, or do we just not see ourselves as being unified?


  4. Dave Jakes Says:

    It’s not that nobody cares. It’s just a problem that has been going on so long that we don’t ever see it changing. Detroit is broken and will not be fixed in our lifetimes.


    • Wayne Harp Says:

      with that thought you’re right, but that is stinking thinking. YOU MUST MAKE the difference. If people TRULY cared they would reach out to the youth and make a positive change!


  5. Bob Says:

    “Detroit is broken”? How can that be? What is broken? What is fixed?
    Come on man, Live a little. JEEZ!


  6. Jason Says:

    Terry, you saw on the news what happened when Delric Miller’s grandmother tried to raise her voice at the Trayvon rally in Detroit? The organizer’s were getting in front of her to keep her off the cameras and tried to hush her while people were lamenting Trayvon. Seriously? I think that is more jacked up than what happened to Trayvon. It is a rally to stop the killing of kids & injustice…but when one of Detroit’s own raises their voice about one of their own being killed they are shooed away? Amazing yet somehow it is not surprising.


  7. William "RickyD" Graham Says:

    It is very sad that the words you speak are 100% true. I spoke with a friend yesterday and she was asking why there were no protests for all the kids being killed in Detroit and all over the country. I told her almost exactly what you said in your blog. If it’s not racial or extremely heinous then it gets just a couple of seconds on the news then like you say, “it’s Miller Time.” Why does the waste of live get so little attention?


  8. Corri Says:

    Although the media is partially to blame for the sensationalizing the Trayvon Martin case, they are not 100% to blame here. The African American community in Detroit needs to stand up and start protesting the deaths of these children within their own community. It’s appalling the amount of people who turned out to rally in Detroit for a child killed in FL, when they don’t care about dead children in their own neighborhoods at the hands of their own.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      There is a group in Detroit called Detroit 300. They are doing something about this.


      • mary Says:

        yes, detroit 300 is such an amazing group doing all they can to raise awareness to any crimes going on in the detroit area. i believe us in detroit do need to take it upon ourselves and say okay, we have HAD ENOUGH! enough of the hate and the racism, and the murders. OF INNOCENT CHILDREN.


  9. Pam Harris Says:

    We protested the fact that there was no investigation or arrests made in the Trayvon Martin case. If there is not investigation in the murder of the child that was shot last night, we will march for justice. Big difference, Terry. Give us credit for standing for something instead of tearing us down with your pointless bantor.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      How am I tearing somebody down? We need justice in Detroit. I am tired of the children in my community die for no reason. Nobody cares about this city. We are like an outpost. The mentality is “hey it is Detroit. Who cares?” I care.


  10. Mary Jo Says:

    I don’t understand the comparison. Was killer of Deteoit child arrested? Did local police, including the chief of police protect the killer and fail to gather evidence agaist the shooter?


  11. Ghan Butler Says:

    I live in Nashville,Tn. By way of Chicago and ive seen these things occur on a VERY regular basis. And being honest gang banged for a long time. The its easier to accept (not speaking of this very sad case) when the vic is out in the streets on da bs…all the murders are sad especially innocent vics…


  12. Christina Ortiz Says:

    Wow, reading this touched my heart in such a sad way! Solely because its true! Death is sad enough but the death of a child should demand an out poor of all!


  13. Frank Northrup Says:

    I do.


  14. Dale Reid Says:

    While it is easy to point out Detroit’s problems, remember it is not just Detroit. Ever read the Chicago Tribune, the problems are not any different. Our community is broken all around this country. I guess I take the attacks upon Detroit a little different than those of you on the outside looking in. I lived here for over 50 years and have seen the good the bad and ugly. I have raised young men in this city and know that there are more good young men than bad. It is just the bad is so ugly it hard to see anything else.


  15. Wayne Harp Says:

    I hear you brother, however WE MOST TAKE RESPONSIBLY FOR OURSELVES!!! Yes, being burned alive is a travesty, but my first thought was “why in the world was a 12 or 13 year old outside at 3am (on a school night no less). The system is NOT broken! It is by designed to keep us down. It does NOT have to stay this way. WE MUST STAND FOR SOMETHING or FALL FOR ANYTHING! WE MUST educate our youths, show them real LOVE, and encourage them! This can be done by BEING A LIVING EXAMPLE! Stop being afraid of them, their hate, rage & anger are ONLY their way of saying HELP ME! If we don’t take the time to nurture them ourselves, the (system) streets will turn them into animals. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!


  16. Jay Rayford Says:

    The problem isn’t that we aren’t outraged about the everyday senseless deaths. We can rally every single day or display this stuff on the news (like it isn’t already). The problem lies in the situation where all we do is TALK….TALK and more TALK. Until we get up and DO something to assist in the problem…you’re a part of the problem. There are thousands of people working hard and passionately everyday to be a part of this solution. But you know what, they never gain credit…not that they want it. But to stick with the opinion that more negative news should be shown and shared is just as depressing and strips away any kind of hope. I only ask that if you ARE going to share the negative stories…talk about the people that ARE DOING something. So at least this way the readers of such negative news can feel empowered to do something. Until then…its just a continually cycle of one negative over another…a solution that lays in waste while the problem continues to grow.


  17. John Bradford Says:

    I loved your artical, and yes I care and feel bad. Rev. Jackson forgets the main point about Christianty. JESUS! but that word has become a bad word in the United States. Our brother (Jesus) said to love God and our neighbors with all our hearts. There is no place for hate for another anymore. Until I die or heaven and earth will pass away. I will have to try to keep praying that God keeps me from hating other rich or poor. I remember the story of four Chaplians during World War II how the ship was sinking and they passed out life Jackets until they ran out. Then they took off their life Jackets and stood on the deck singing religious songs. But before they sailed to join in the fight in Germany one of them gave serman…hate not the German people, but the world system that has brought you to this war…hate not your brother or sister (Black, White, Red, yellow, or Green for some People). but hate the evil that they do…God Bless my Brother (Loving they enemy is the hardest test of all when others keep insiting it) Pray for all the Children of the World..


  18. me Says:

    There is an important line to be drawn between suggesting that folks should not only focus on black life when a white person takes it and those who will selectively ignore that community folk from all over the country have organized to stop the violence in black communities. Terry Foster and so many others who’ve had the opportunity to comment on these committed actions of black community folk to address violence in our communities has largely ignored these initiatives and fail to publicize them through the vehicle of the media they have at their daily disposal. Im not saying that its his job; but it darn sure is not his job to attempt to invalidate the righteous protest of racist violence against black people especially when it is abetted by racist police by “conveniently” expressing selective moral outrage on the death of children that he has rarely focused on in his own commentary. This message is one that has been made by many who recognize that we should do “both” focus on the daily violence in black communities as well as the racist violence blacks face. But this guy has been notably silent on these issues for years and he has been little more than the “Lightning” to Valenti’s “Kingfish” as minstrel like as Amos and Andy….


  19. Stan Says:

    Terry, nice colunm. I am a single parent, african american male, born and raised inside inner detroit, I moved in 2008. Got a job out of state.

    I love my 17 year son vety and I am raising him in the admonition of the LORD and trying to help him get through high school and into a good college, and or US Air Force. I live in Augusta, Georgia. Different down here than Detroit, I have experience racism, in dearborn, plymouth, southgate, and here in Georgia(moreopenly than Michigan) but at the end of the day where can I go in this world and not experience racism? :(

    Everytime I read “Det News.com” I get sad. I wish not just detroit, but the country will stop making a white on black crime always about race, it is sad, but it will never go away, well at least not until the Revelation 20:10 happens :) , I pray for country, world, and all people of all skin colors. Remember we a spiritual beings with human fleshly colorful(skin tone)bodies, not the other way around. So my nth degree polynomial mathematical equation is this: What is the color of the invisible spirit inside evey human being that walks the earth? Hum…


  20. Terry Foster Says:

    Congrats on the great things you did in Detroit and do in Hawaii. The arts or other distractions are great for kids. Continue to enjoy the mountains.


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