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Tiger fans should get mad if Inge starts

Written By: Terry Foster | March 26, 2012

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He’s at it again. Brandon Inge cannot hit. He cannot get on base and this must be the end of him.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland said Inge’s bat will determine if he makes the ball club next week for Opening Day. Well his bat is silent. Inge is batting .159. There is no way he can be the opening day starting second baseman against the Boston Red Sox. He lost his job to Danny Worth and Ramon Santiago.

They are better, more valuable and they are better.

The Tigers are in it to win it and they cannot have dead weight holding them back. Currently the Tigers carry 5-1 favorites to win the World Series. Only the Philadelphia Phillies have lower odds at 4-1. So the Tigers are serious about winning but in order to pull this off they need all hands on deck.

My broadcast partner Mike Valenti maintains that Inge will start at second base. I believe he is a fool but if he is right then Tiger fans need to react. You cannot sit there and cheer the man. You must send a message to General Manager Dave Dombrowski, Manager Jim Leyland and owner Mike Ilitch.

You must send a message that you are not happy. I don’t normally promote booing but you have to do something.  The Tigers listen to their fans when you actually say something. Now is the time if Inge is in the starting line up. Just don’t sit there and accept this. He is baked and should be gone.

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2 Responses to “Tiger fans should get mad if Inge starts”

  1. Ralph Jones Says:

    ‎….aaaaand Inge grounds into a double play to end the inning. .159 now.


  2. Joseph Terrell Says:

    Right on T. Fo! I can’t even believe we are talking about if Inge should play or not. If he was on any other team this would not even be an issue. He doesn’t produce plain and simple. We in Detroit hang on to athletes way past their prime because we feel we owe them something. Why? Why do people feel we owe it to him to give him a job. Boo hoo! I own my own business and know a lot of people who want to work for me, but I know they can’t do the work so guess what, they don’t work for me. I would hope a great business man like Mr. Illitch thinks with his great business mind and not his huge heart before the season starts. So long Inge go hang out and be Bernie Smilovitz’s side kick, maybe he can do another feel good story on you(Throw-up)


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