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Don’t block my view

Written By: Terry Foster | March 10, 2012

Filed Under: sports

People often ask me if I grow tired of talking sports. The answer is no. This is what I do.

I write three columns a week for the Detroit News and baby sit Mike Valenti five days a week on 971 FM The Ticket. They are fun jobs that do not burn me out.

People often ask me is it OK for them to approach when I am out. The answer is yes. I enjoy talking to people and you always learn something when you do. My son Little B is not a big fan of it, especially when we run errands together on Saturday and have lunch.

But there were two things that annoyed me a bit Friday night while watching the Michigan game in local sports bars. One guy wanted to talk during the Michigan game and stood between me and television sets showing the game.  I didn’t want to be rude but eventually asked him to move. It was an innocent mistake I suppose. He was a bit lost and did not realize he blocked my view.

When the Michigan-Minnesota game was still in doubt a guy wanted to show me videos of his kid taking batting practice. That could not wait five minutes?  Little B still talks about the dad who sent his 12 year old daughter alone to Jc Penney while he asked me sports questions in the food court at 12 Oaks Mall.

It is difficult to grasp this local celebrity thing. I do not feel like one even though people tell me I am. I am just a dude making a living in the media trying to support my family until the little monsters grow up and leave the house.  It is cool to talk and share laughs and shoot the breeze.

I only ask that you not block my view. And I do not mind watching your kids video. Just not in overtime of a tight game.



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One Response to “Don’t block my view”

  1. Michael Erickson Says:

    Hi. Loved your Blog and just wanted to say I am the type that would never approach you in public when your with your family. I don’t think you should just bother someone because they are famous or in the limelight. I would probably say hello and shake your hand and get an autograph if you were by yourself, but it would be brief and respectful. NEVER would I bother you during a Michigan game ! That dude was being rude,so I just want to say keep it up and enjoy what you do. And that is good enough for me.


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