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Once famous Yellow Pages are now paper weights

Written By: Terry Foster | March 6, 2012

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There is an ongoing saga going on in my neighborhood that shows how times have changed.

Last Friday they dropped off the Yellow Pages and about a third of them are still on top of the mail box. On Monday about half of the books were taken in. And on Sunday about 75 percent of the books sat and waited for the home owner to grab them. No one cares about the Yellow Pages any more. If you need something you have the Internet, talking phones and GPS to guide you.

That wasn’t the case during my youth. The Yellow Pages were a big deal. People snapped them up as soon  as they were dropped off and they were thumbing through the books looking for coupons and deals. It was fun to see what auto repair shops were near and which ones were on the East side. Our lives were much more simple.

My grandmother loved when they dropped off the Yellow Pages and I remember one year she said: “I think the Yellow Pages are late this year.”  They came the next day. We also loved when the regular phone book came in. It led to a new assault of prank phone calls because nobody had caller ID back then. Now it is impossible to do a prank phone call.

Do you know what the worst one was?

Prankster: “Excuse me Miss I am John from Bob’s Repair Shop. How are you doing?”

Woman: “I am fine. How are you?”

Prankster: “Is your refrigerator running?”

Woman: “It sure is.”

Prankster: “Well you better go outside and catch it.”

You are correct. We did not have much of a life. But those days are over. Most people are unlisted. The White Pages are also printed regionally. Back in the day you could smash bullet proof glass with the White Pages because they were so big. Now they look like a Stephen King novel.

Well I am done here. Maybe it is time for me to finally go out and get my Yellow Pages before they stack next year’s on top of it.



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