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In the mood for pancakes

Written By: Terry Foster | February 29, 2012

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I missed out on International Pancake Day. I love pancakes but do not eat them as much as I used to.

My breakfast consist mostly of cereal and fruit. But now and then I get some good old fashion pancakes and they really hit the spot. My favorite are blueberry pancakes with the blueberry compote from the International House of pancakes. Man those things are sweet and are filled with flavor.

The best pancakes I’ve ever had was at this place called Moose McGillicuddy’s in Hawaii. These things were the size of SUV rims and just as thick. I ate the entire stack and they had to wheel me out of the place. If you are in Hawaii you should go. Besides, I love the name also. And I heard their happy hour is fun although I would not mix Long Island Iced Teas with pancakes and syrup. The sugar rush might kill you on the spot.

I am taking the wife there this summer and I am just as excited to hit the Moose as I am the beach.

Do you want to hear something strange? Sometimes I am in the mood for waffles and sometimes I am in the mood for pancakes. They are the same thing. They are just shaped differently. But I swear that waffles and pancakes do not taste the same. The Sun Rise Cafe in Farmington Hills has a nice waffle with infused pecans or raisins.

Now I am in the mood for pancakes. I might have some for breakfast today with Little B. It should be fun. Where are your favorite spots for pancakes?



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2 Responses to “In the mood for pancakes”

  1. Tom Michelin (Cass Tech 1974) Says:

    Original House of Pancakes – Birmingham or Grosse Pointe

    Pancake Factory – Shelby


  2. jamie colby Says:

    A good spot for pancakes and omelets is the pantry in Sterling Hts 14 half Vandyke might get a heart attack their stuffs so big though !


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