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The 24 hours of Daytona seemed to last forever

Written By: Terry Foster | February 28, 2012

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Yes I will admit it. I was one of those idiots who stayed up until one in the morning Tuesday watching the 24 Hours of Daytona.

OK. Let me make a confession. I fell asleep a little past the halfway point of the race and woke up to see the final 30 laps. Heck, that was like another good hour of raceing. This thing lasted forever.

This raced was delayed by rain, fire, snow, natural disaster, crashes, road rage and the concession stands running out of beer.  I was waiting for a swarm of locust to hit the track.  It was long but amazing and of course came down to a two lap sprint which was finally won by Matt Kenseth. It was his 22nd career victory and I dare say it was his longest and most anticipated victory.

I love the Daytona 500. I covered it as a young auto writer when I wrote for the Free Press and really had a great time during my week down there covering time trials and the other races.  It is one of America’s grestest sporting events although many people do not consider auto racing a part of sports. But it is a great event.

I just never remember it lasting so long. However, night racing was fun. The Daytona 500 has always been a day event but they should consider running it on a Sunday night. Afterall all of our great events are on Sunday night. The Super Bowl, NBA All Star game and the Grammys.

OK. I am out. I am tired.



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  1. Tom Says:

    Damn, T-Fos. Have a few tonight?


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