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Let’s throw our support to Detroit 300

Written By: Terry Foster | February 25, 2012

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A few years ago I Detroit policeman used to have me talk to troubled youth about making a break from crime and trying to better themselves. He figured they might listen to someone who grew up in Detroit, works in Detroit and made a successful living in Detroit.

The talks were rewarding for me but I never knew if I reached the kids. He said he saw a difference in a couple of kids and one day I asked him why we did not do this more often. His response was troubling.

“I only give you the kids I think have a chance of being rehabbed. Many of the kids I deal with are unreachable and I don’t want to waste your time or mine.”

Detroit needs help and I’ve tried to help by school lectures and by donating to soup kitchens. However, I was moved by a group of men from in and around Detroit who are trying to make a difference by going to the streets and finding people that hurt children and the elderly. Detroit 300 has been around for about a year and a half but got major exposure by appearing on Fox 2′s Let it Rip last Thursday.

There have been a rash of child killings in Detroit and unreported rapes and attacks on the elderly. These men are trying to take back the streets and root out the criminals. Their motto is “Taking our streets back, one neighborhood at a time.” It is a daunting task and they are up against citizens who are afraid to speak up or point out the criminals. And of course there are others who protect them.

They need flashlights and other equipment to take to the streets and make them safe. I plan to donate to help them with their cause. I encourage you to do also. We should do as much as we can to make Detroit safe again. I am not calling for you to go to the streets at night and risk your lives. But we can support those who are willing to do so.

Go to theDetroit300.org and read up on this group. If you want, then support the cause by joining or sending in a donation. This is important.\

Here is the link  http://bit.ly/xHDNlu




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3 Responses to “Let’s throw our support to Detroit 300”

  1. George M Says:

    Their website is actually http://www.thedetroit300.com. I watched them on Let It Rip and was thrilled to see these men step up and ask for help.


  2. Rob Says:

    I agree, it is important to get out the message of this group. With over 10 years of working in the local criminal justice system it doesn’t matter what the police and courts do as much as it is men like this that will make the difference.

    However, the group’s website is http://www.thedetroit300.org

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Jenn Says:

    LED flashlights are inexpensive, you can even get multi-packs at Dollar General for $5.00. We have to do something, and for those of us that live in the cities that border Detroit, it is our problem because if you have not noticed, our auto theft rates have gone up and they usually find the cars south of 8 mile-


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