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Death storm 2012 fizzles again

Written By: Terry Foster | February 24, 2012

Filed Under: Life

I am holding my crying children in my arms. They are scared and scarred for life.

My wife is stuck on the roof of our house. We are trying to reach the neighbors because we have not heard from them for hours. I do not know if we can survive this. And if this is the end of the Foster family I simply want to say I love you guys and thank you for supporting me during my media career. I love my wife. I love my kids and I love my community. And dammit!! I will say it. I love me some me.

Death Storm 2012 hit us and left our property devastated and dilapidated. What is the number to All State again?

Seriously folks, they got us again. I think there are like 12 snow flakes placed strategically around our property. Who are these people that predict the weather? It was on the national news for heaven sakes talking about this band of snow flurries that was going to hit Chicago, Detroit and the rest of Michigan. We were supposed to get 3-8 inches.

This is a conspiracy by the government. When they want to stimulate the economy they parade another death storm so we will rush out and buy batteries, food and water.  My poor son wanted to know if the birthday party he was invited to will go on as scheduled? I don’t know buddy. Our cars might not be able to get through this death storm.

Do you remember a few years ago when schools cancelled classes before one of these death storms was supposed to hit? And we got like two inches. This is crazy.

Let me go call my bosses. I don’t think I will be able to make it to work today. Nice knowing you guys.


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3 Responses to “Death storm 2012 fizzles again”

  1. John V. Says:

    Yep Terry, another bunch of booloo! I’m in the mean streets of Roseville, and we got maybe an inch, and nothing even stuck to the sidewalks or streets so far. Was prepared to have to blast my way out the front door this morning…..
    John V.
    Survivor Death Storm 2012


  2. Jason Says:

    Terry, I think you and Mike should do a segment on news coverage today as opposed to back in the day. I think there’s too much editorializing by anchors now. I just want the news with out the jokes, judgements, and snarky comments. It makes me respect the news less.


  3. Eric Martin Says:

    Terry, you are absolutely right, in the race to be first, the local media are becoming more and more reckless in covering weather alerts. I just added a life insurance policy, expanded my estate planning because I won’t live through this winter (which is on pace to be the mildest ever)…THIS IS MICHIGAN PEOPLE!!! You know the “WINTER WONDERLAND” ???? I will not listen to these talking heads every again…


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