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Everything in the house is falling apart

Written By: Terry Foster | February 22, 2012

Filed Under: Family

My garage door now looks like an accordion.

It is more than 15 years old and has been rolled up and down and back and forth thousands of times. It has been slammed shut and backed into by a car. My son B has used it as a training ground for tennis and my daughter Celine bangs soccer balls off it. Poor guy said enough. Someone please take my life.  I can go on no further.

I guess my fingers will be walking through the Yellow Pages looking for a garage door place. Oh wait! Do they even have Yellow Pages any more?

Sometimes the dryer works. And sometimes it hums. Sometimes it stops and sometimes it churns. But old Betsy is saying “my final days are coming.” It is going to join that great Maytag repair grave in the sky.  It too is on its last leg and I’ve begun the process of finding a replacement.

The motor on her sister washing machine gave up three months ago. The wife did not want to buy a new machine at the time so we installed a new motor. The repairman said we are living on borrowed time. She too could go at any time. There is evidence of that. Old Suzie works, but sometimes she farts. I kid you not. It is humming along and all of a sudden it lets out a loud “bap.” It sounds like it ate beans the previous night.

It is only a matter of time.

It is fun being a home owner. And sometimes it becomes a pain in the pocket book. We will be eating franks and beans for a while as we make costly replacements to the house. Everything seems to go all at once. The refrigerator and dish washer walked to heaven together. The windows and side door went at the same time.

The carpet turned into the Joe Louis Arena ice right about the time the shower heads turned to Niagara Falls East.

It is time for me to go shoppping to keep my house together. Oh and did I tell you we might need a roof this summer?



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2 Responses to “Everything in the house is falling apart”

  1. Michael Lutz Says:

    I hear yah terry it sucks when its all at once but you can get great deals right now at places like lowes etc. for washer dryer fridge stove combos all in one packages and save thousands. Garage doors arn’t bad either as long as you just like the standard kind and not the fancy one’s with the windows and all the different shapes etc.


  2. Ashkar Says:

    Owning a house is not a joke and is a headache ….. I have the bathroom heads going bad leaking… I been waiting a year to fix. I have cement work needed that’s going to cost me about $2000, I still have to get my vents cleaned out my gas fireplace needs a need a new gas line installed because its leaking. I was hoping to use my tax return for most of it but I need more like $2000 more to do what I need to do. Oh and I need to get brakes and rotors on my truck and some collision work.

    Bills bills bills.

    I need a Job like yours. So I can be a baller. Lol

    Keep up the good work on the air


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