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Wolverines and Spartans bring excitement on the hardwood

Written By: Terry Foster | February 20, 2012

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Michigan and Michigan State are giving us thrills and it isn’t even football season. Their basketball teams are fighting for the Big Ten title along with Ohio State in  race that could come down to the final days and nights.

Currently the Spartans (22-5 overall, 11-3 in the Big Ten) lead Ohio State (22-5, 10-4) and Michigan (20-5, 10-4) by one game with four to play. Michigan crawled back into the race by beating Ohio State at Crisler Arena this weekend. MSU followed with a victory at Purdue.  The Spartans and Wolverines do it in different ways.

The Wolverines are like a pack of wild piranhas. They scramble and play a frenzied style that leaves you dizzy and tired after chasing them. The Wolverines have not met a three-point shot they don’t like. The Wolverines don’t chase you as much as they hunt you down.

The Spartans play like fish also. They are that lurking shark. They might not hurt you in the first half but at some point they sink their teeth into you and won’t let go. The Spartans don’t necessarily beat opponents. They beat them up.

MSU coach Tom Izzo always talked about Michigan and Michigan State becoming the Duke-North Carolina of the north. We may not be there yet but there will be interesting hoops talk in the coming weeks. Both Michigan and Michigan State are trending towards top 3 seeds in the tournament. They very well could meet on a neutral court for a third time during the Big Ten tournament and both could advance to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament.

I’m excited and love seeing both play. Both programs are doing well and the great thing is the best has yet to come.

And yes I will admit it will allow me to start more Spartan and Wolverine twitter fights. Now


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