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Getting Loopy for breakfast at the Mixx Sports Bar

Written By: Terry Foster | February 19, 2012

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I hope my girl Lauren who is a waitress and bartender at Mixx Sports Bar in Novi doesn’t get in trouble with her bosses.

It was my idea for her to try a breakfast of Loopy and milk today as she begins the morning shift there. What is Loopy and milk, you ask? It is a new drink I want her to try and then tell the world what is is like. Loopy is a new vodka drink from Three Olives that tastes like Fruit Loops. They let me try a small sample during my visit Saturday night after Sports fest which was sponsored by my radio station 971 The Ticket.

I see all these new flavored drinks and they sound interesting. There are vodkas flavored with orange, vanilla, blue berry and root beer. The other day a woman gave me a sample of Jack Daniels honey and it tasted great also. I love the new concepts but I do not know what to mix with them. Some of the drinks are sipping drinks. And some should be mixed, but I never know what to flavor them with.

I usually drink beer when I am in a bar setting, but now and then I want to relax to a mixed drink. The new flavors seem inviting but they are confusing. What do you mix with them besides Sprite and cranberry juice. I think that is what Laura, not to be confused with Lauren, gave me when I went to Mixx. It was great but I am intimidated by the new flavors.

If I order a root beer vodka should I have an A@W foot long hot dog with that? Do I mix a little raspberry with my chocolate drink?

I used to be a bartender way back in the day, but my specialty drinks were rum and coke and Slo Gin Fizz. Do they even make those any more? Would a bartender know what I’m talking about or would they make fun of me?

The industry has changed so much. Bartenders can make drinks that taste like frosted flakes, Cocoa Puffs and ham a eggs. I don’t know if we go to the bar any more to relax or have a Breakfast of Champions.

I will return to Mixx soon for a big bowl of Loopy and milk. Do you think I can get an omelet and hash browns with that?

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