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Parents don’t shoot up that computer

Written By: Terry Foster | February 17, 2012

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Did you see the video of the dad pumping bullets into his 15 year old daughter’s computer because of something she published on Face book?

A bunch of parents applauded the man. Others were outraged. I understand we become upset with our children. My daughter Celine has a mouth on her and sometimes you want to strangle her. But you cannot humiliate your child this way in public. More than 23 million people have seen the dad blow up her laptop with a 45 pistol and most parents approved of his message.

This dude was very angry during his eight minute video. It is a new way of corporal punishment that is new to our world. What ever happened to the days when kids were grounded or you had to pick out your own switch for that spanking across the legs? It is another sign that our world has really changed.

Back in the day you were punished by being banned to your room. Today, kids want to be in their rooms because they have I-pods, computers, Skype and all other gadgets and programs to play with. Our punishment for our children is no Internet or no electronics. I was punished with a spanking and told to read in my room.

I get mad at Celine at times. We box and argue. But after a few minutes we make up and everything is fine. I would never shoot up her computer on the Internet. I’d be punishing myself because ultimately I would end up buying her a new computer because I am not only a dad but I am a bit of a sucker.



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One Response to “Parents don’t shoot up that computer”

  1. Ashkar Says:

    I would take it away or sell it but not trash it. While I like that he was proving a point in a way of using technology and the web which are ways kids understand in this tech savvy era. My only concern would below his daughter would handle this… Like would the pressure and attention mess her up.


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