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Whitney Houston death proves again drugs are not the answer

Written By: Terry Foster | February 14, 2012

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I’ve lost my wife and I am not sure when I get her back.

Abs is in full Whitney Houston mode. She watches every segment of every show chronicling the death of one of America’s greatest singers.  She’s got the down stairs television and the bedroom television churning as details about Houston come out. This isn’t unusual for my news hound wife. We lost her when Michael Jackson died. She disappeared right from the face of the Earth.

Her body still roamed the house. Her mind was elsewhere. She was like one of those ghosts I wrote about at the South Lyon Hotel.

Part of this is people from our older generation are dropping like flies. For the most part it is not through natural causes. Drug abuse played a part in the deaths of Jackson and Houston. They should still be singing and entertaining people. They were young people with spirit and energy and talent.  Their problem is they were not on a natural high.

I do not know what addiction feels like. I’ve never tried cocaine, or crack or heroine. And I never wanted to. Hard drugs always scared me. I attended a party in my 20′s and stumbled into a room where people were snorting coke. I got out of there as quickly as possible. My friends know to hide any drugs they have when I visit them in my old west side Detroit neighborhood. They know I do not use. And they do not want to risk a police raid with me in the house.

I sat in a hospital room with an old girlfriend watching her brother die because of drug abuse.

Drugs are all around. Often they are closer than you think. During my Uncle Zeke’s funeral a shaken woman gave me a tiny bag filled with cocaine and said somebody dropped it in the funeral home. She wanted to know what we should do about it. I went to an alley sewer and disposed of it as quickly as possible.

Do you know what my vice is? A Blue Moon, a Bud lite, a glass of wine or a Long Island Ice Tea.  I will hang at the bar and knock a few back with you. But the hard stuff scares me. I do not know the lure of hard drugs and I have no interest in finding out. They ruin lives and take life away.

If you want to call me a wimp, then go ahead.  I just don’t want the next drug victim from our generation to be me.

Now Abs would really hate that.



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5 Responses to “Whitney Houston death proves again drugs are not the answer”

  1. Joe Says:

    You aren’t a wimp. It often takes more strength not to cave in to peer pressure. Hopefully you can be a role model to those old friends and get them to stop.

    I know its very sad that she died, but its not like anyone who knew about her problem didn’t see this coming. Just like Michael Jackson, Chris Farley, Ryan Dunn from Jackass, and many others. It’s not really a matter of if, but when. At least that’s the way I see it.


  2. Laura Says:

    I don’t know what it’s like to be addicted to drugs…nor what it is like to marry the wrong man and believe that it would be a sin to leave him, thereby staying with the physical and emotional abuse and the pressure to do drugs from someone who supposedly loves you. I think she was a strong woman who used her strength against herself in a mis-guided belief. Unfortunately when she finally did divorce, she was too lost to save herself.


  3. Steve Says:

    Very nicely said, Terry. I’m with you, hard drugs scare me. I cannot imagine what right minded individual could see the devastating effects and think, “I want to try that.”

    It’s very unfortunate that the world lost Michael and Whitney too soon. As Joe said, this isn’t a surprise. People close to them should have seen this coming and got them help.

    Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for anyone who knows someone battling addiction. It is a battle that cannot be fought alone, and if you know someone battling these demons it is essential to get them help.


  4. Bud Somerville Says:

    Terry,great story I know what that is like,growing up hit the teenage years weed was everywhere,I have no problem with weed except I cant afford it,the teenage years when people were ALLOWED to go into HINES PARK…it was like a pharmacy bull in the horseshoe people yelling tellow tab THC 2 for a buck reds 2 for a buck..it was crazy the only thing missing was a pharmacy counter…as for some drugs I have never and would never EVER stick a needle in my arm to shoot heroin..what the hell are they thinking,my best friend who was also my bro in law went to a party one time walked in to this house where we had been hundreds of times..we go into kitchen they have turned it into a shooting gallery we cussed them out walked out talked about it walked back in and tipped the table over with all the stuff on it then we left,now the drug problem out there is prescription drugs ive had 10 back surgeries just had my shoulder replaced im medically retired been on vicodins for over 10 years…am I addicted probably do I take moer than m supposed to in a day many times,but I cant stand the pain so drugs fill our society those that really need and get a hard time from there Drs is because of the abusers will it end probably not so there is a possiblity Terry your wife will be walking around the house in a daze when the next famous celebrity passes sad situation


  5. Jenn Says:

    Terry, I never have tried the hard stuff, although, like you, it has been right in front of me more than once. It might sound stupid but, I remember reading a book series as a young girl called Sweet Valley High and one of the girls died of a heart condition from trying cocaine and that scared me from ever wanting to try it. On that note, I also understand addiction. Although, I do not think it is a disease, I believe it is an illness if that makes sense, I believe it is an illness that can be beat with the right treatment and the right support around you. Whitney was trying and that is more than what most people do, no matter how many times you fall, you have to try to pick yourself up and she was trying to pick herself up again. And she fell again and it was just Jesus who decided to lift her up this time.


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