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This place is haunted

Written By: Terry Foster | February 10, 2012

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SOUTH LYON — The night manager sat in a chair counting money and organizing the night receipts. It was quiet and no one was around.

He felt a tap on his left shoulder. He turned and no one was there. He kept counting. There was a tap on his right shoulder. Again he turned around and no one was there. The South Lyon Hotel Grill was empty that night but something was playing with the night manager. It is one of many haunting stories of this venerable bar and grill that sits downtown in this small town west of Detroit.

I spent part of my evening in a haunted building and after a night of good food and drink I listened to stories of the old South Lyon Hotel. My host Zack and some of his waitresses have witnessed unexplained happenings the past several years. If you turn on certain switches by the bar the hand blowers turn on in the bathroom. When workers clean up downstairs they hear chairs moving. And sometimes the ghosts talk.

One guy was closing down shop when a ghost kept pestering him. He screamed: “If you don’t leave me alone I am going to bother you when I die.”

He was left alone the rest of the evening.

The place is built over an Indian burial ground and people swear visitors from beyond enjoy their own version of last call. One startled waitress said she saw a ghost make crazy victory laps after closing time. She got the heck out and was white as a ghost.

I believe in ghosts. These stories send chills down my spine when I hear them. I think it would be fun to spend the night at the South Lyon to see if the underworld wants to join in the fun. I would not do it by myself of course. I am not that brave.

So stop by the South Lyon Hotel for a night cap. If you feel a tap on your shoulder do not be alarmed. Just say hello.


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3 Responses to “This place is haunted”

  1. josh Says:

    Great blog Terry. Very interesting. Is South Lyon the name of the small town that the bar is in?


  2. Tony Says:

    actually it wasn’t built on an ancient burial ground, it actually used to be a cemetary but then they removed most of the bodies out for about twenty five cents a body. It has all the information of its past on the back of the menu. I live in South Lyon so i visit often. I too have excperienced the bathroom stalls on the bottom floor opening and closing.


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