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My Detroit sports all interview team

Written By: Terry Foster | February 9, 2012

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Here is my Detroit All time All interview team. Only people I actually interviewed qualified.

GRANT HILL (PISTONS): He was a smart guy who loved breaking down the game even though his team usually broke down around him. Hill was filled with quips and good stories and loved to shoot the breeze with reporters.

NATE BURLESON (LIONS): Burleson loves to talk. He is a great promoter of the team but you can tell he believes in what he says. He fills reporters’ notebooks with great stories.

ISIAH THOMAS (PISTONS): You knew you had a good story coming if Thomas sat in his dressing stall with his head down while teammates showered. It meant there was something on his mind and he needed to talk.

PAUL COFFEY (RED WINGS): Former Red Wings coach Scottie Bowman always hated when I talked to Coffey. He thought he was giving me inside secrets, which he wasn’t. Bowman saw me talking to Coffey and cleared the dressing room. I thought the interview was over. Coffey told me to go to the stands where we continued our conversation.

BRANDON INGE (TIGERS): He was everybody’s go to guy and it will be interesting if that will be the case as his role diminishes with the team.

DOMINIC RAIOLA (LIONS): He wears his passion on his sleeves and tells the media and fans exactly how he feels.

BILL LAIMBEER (PISTONS): Everybody in the media did not like Laimbeer and he did not like everybody in the media. But we got along and he was very insightful during interviews.

CHRIS OSGOOD (REDWINGS): Osgood always let you in on how he felt. I was even there when he cried after that bad clearing pass that cost the Wings a series. He was quiet but had a lot to say.

DINO CICCARELLI (RED WINGS): Dino gritted his teeth during interviews. It was as if he was still playing the game.

HERMAN MOORE (LIONS): He was a smart guy that explained the violence of football in a clear way.

ALAN TRAMMELL (TIGERS): Tram would talk forever, the exact opposite of running mate Lou Whitaker.





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