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I knocked my wife out in a smooth brew

Written By: Terry Foster | February 8, 2012

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I knocked my wife out last night. I mean snot bubbles knocked her out.

It was not an accident. It was not a mistake. I meant to do it and home girl was knocked out for hours. I didn’t do it with my fist. I did not do it with my feet. I did not give her a karate chop across the lips.

I knocked Abs out with a hot ta ti. And it was fun to see her slump in the bed and go to the land of Oz. She is sick with a cold and could not go to sleep, which is strange for her. We are opposites in that it is difficult for me to go to sleep. Abs can go to sleep in five seconds. She goes to sleep in mid sentence.

Last night was different. The cold was messing with her and she wanted desperately to go to bed. She knew my grandmother made hot ta ti’s for me. I remembered the recipe and went to work. I poured a mixture of Canadian whiskey, lemon juice, honey and water. I stirred and warmed it up until it was the perfect mixture of sweet taste and knock out juice.

I must admit it did taste good. I might make some for my next party.

I took it up to her in the bed. She gasped at the first sip because it was warmer than she thought. Then she began to sip and smile. She drank half of it and said she felt nice and relaxed.

“Hey babe,” she said. “I think I am going to drop the cup.”

She took one more sip and slipped into a deep coma as I grabbed the cup before we had sheets of ta ti and honey. She looked so peaceful and she woke up this morning singing the praises of the hot ta ti.

Yeah I knocked my wife out. But she didn’t seem to mind and I think she wants another belt tonight.



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  1. Sexy Molly Says:

    I like that headline! Never heard of that drink before, I’ll have to check it out!


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