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How can a man kill his entire family?

Written By: Terry Foster | February 7, 2012

Filed Under: Opinion

Every night I check on my children while they sleep. I could never imagine taking a hatchet and half chop their heads off and then set the house on fire and kill them. But that is what a Washington man did to his two boys.

It appears as if Josh Powell took a hatchet, chopped his two sons head and then died alongside with them after he set the house ablaze. I don’t care how angry you are. I don’t care what is going through your head, how can you do that to your own flesh and blood? This story angers me. We bring children into the world. They did not choose to come. And our jobs is to help them as much as we can to become good people.

Charles was 7 years old and Braden just 5.

You do not selfishly take away their lives.

“What happened here was an act of evil. Do not call it a tragedy because that sanitizes it,” Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor told the Seattle Times. “This was a terrible act of murder involving two young children.”

I believe he killed his boys because they are now old enough to tell folks that their dad killed their mother. This was the same guy who went camping in the cold. His wife turned up missing and she is presumed dead. I read where the older boy said “mommy was in the trunk.” Once authorities heard that then they should not have allowed the boys to be alone with this guy. The court would not give him custody but he had visitation privileges.

But the boys didn’t even want to see their father. You knew something was wrong there.

“Look what happened,” grand mother Judy Cox tearfully told a Seattle television station. “But I knew that they’re supposed to be able to see their dad.”

It is easy to bash the system that failed these boys. But the bottom line is a man is here to take care of his family through thick and thin. He is here to make life comfortable for them and he is here to be strong for them no matter what is going on around him.

How do you kill innocent children? It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.





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2 Responses to “How can a man kill his entire family?”

  1. Asie Morris Says:

    One word… DEMONIC.


  2. Joseph Terrell Says:

    It stirs up emotions in me of sadness and rage! I am a proud parent of one beautiful young daughter and two wild fun loving young boys. This makes me sick to my stomach. I did not plan on having kids it just happened, but i would not change it for the world. The innocence of a child is one of the better things in this world and for people like I mean I can’t even call this man a person it is disheartening that this goes on in the world. My prayers go out for those boys and that they will be safe with their mom in heaven and my only hope is that, that rotten scum piece of you know what suffers the rest of eternity in hell! It makes me want to change my occupation and become a vigilante and hunt scum like that creep down!


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