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Eli Manning winning a second SB trophy is bad news

Written By: Terry Foster | February 6, 2012

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There is bad news on the sports front. The New York Giants won Super Bowl XLVI Sunday night 21-17 over the New England Patriots.

So why is that bad? It is bad because the new world order has been disrupted. Now Giants quarterback Eli Manning has officially been entered into the discussion as elite quarterback and championship quarterback. It does a couple of things. For one it screws Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Seeing Stafford play in the Pro Bowl means a lot to Lions fans. Well you can forget that now. The top three spots in the NFC are reserved for Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, New Orleans QB Drew Brees and Manning. You figure one of those three will play in multiple Super Bowls the next few years so it is possible Stafford makes it as an alternate. The problem is he still must leap frog Cam Newton and Tony Romo.

Here is the other bad part. Manning is entering his name as best quarterback of our era even though the eyeball tests says he is not. He is not as good as older brother Peyton Manning but he has two rings and Peyton has one. He is not as good as Rodgers and Brees but he has as many rings as them combined.

Well he is not as good as Brady who has three rings. But Eli has the same number of Super Bowl MVP trophies and he is 2-0 against Tom Terrific in Super Bowls.

“This isn’t about one person,” Manning said. “It is about a team coming together.”

He is right but people like to slot quarterbacks based on regular season wins, MVP trophies and most importantly playoff success. The Giants are as successful as anybody and Manning plays a big role in that. Manning isn’t as good as most of the other quarterbacks I mentioned. But he is now out performing them and many people will say I am wrong.

And they might be right.

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4 Responses to “Eli Manning winning a second SB trophy is bad news”

  1. Justin Says:

    I disagree that Peyton is better than Eli. Peyton is a choke artist in big games while Eli seems to find a way, whether through luck, skill or something else, to win. I’m not a fan of either, but if I had to take a Manning brother as my team’s quarterback, it would most assuredly be Eli.


    • Jason Says:

      So Eli has 2 good seasons and he’s already better than Peyton? Peyton makes the playoffs almost every year regardless of how bad his team is. Peyton is a 4 time League MVP. Peyton gets hurt and the colts instantly become irrelevant. Elis is on a team with good receivers, a great running game, and an awesome defense. Peyton has never had a great defense, he has only ever had 1 truly great RB (edgerrin james), and 1 great receiver at a time (marvin harrison, reggie wayne). Peyton has taken worse teams to the Super Bowl and won. If the Mannings trade places (Peyton in NY, Eli in IND), Peyton has 3 rings at least, where Eli has none! Peyton is a better all around QB by far.


  2. Jason Says:

    Stafford will be able to overcome all of these things and will make the Pro Bowl. Remember that Eli and the giants are going to either win the Super Bowl or they’re not going to make the playoffs. He’s going to have an amazing season or a mediocre season. Its been like that since he was drafted. Peyton is the superior regular season QB while Elis is better in the post season.

    Oh, and if you want to say Elis is better than Peyton simply because he has more rings please remember this: Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer also have 1 ring. Are they just as good as Peyton?


  3. Josh Says:

    I don’t know who’s a better quarterback between the two brothers, but I always go back to this. and maybe i shouldn’t do this, but the Indianapolis Colts were 2-14 this year without Peyton. That shows you how good Peyton is. If you were to put Peyton on the Giants, I think he could win multiple Superbowls. Peyton has not had good teams to go into the playoffs with these past few years. However, I always think back to the pick 6 he threw against the Saint’s when he had a chance to win his 2nd Superbowl. That throw cost him his 2nd ring. Great players don’t make those types of plays, so yes, he is a “choke artist” in pressure situations from what I’ve seen.


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