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I root for Cecil and Prince to mend relationship

Written By: Terry Foster | January 27, 2012

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Every Saturday is daddy-son time. That is when me and my son B run errands, enjoy lunch and talk about the week past and the week ahead. Maybe we go to his soccer game. Maybe we play games at Dave and Busters. During that time our bond grows.

Night time is daddy-daughter time. My job is to quiz Celine on upcoming tests. On Thursday nights I drive her to and from practice. Recently she admitted there is a boy she likes but she is not sure he likes her. Sometimes we grab ice cream and chat more. During that time our bond grows.

My mother and sister do not talk. They have not spoken for years because they are both bull headed and too much like each other. There is a hole in the entire family because of it. I am sure the same void is in the Fielder family. Cecil the dad and Prince the son used to be best buddies. We saw son and dad at Tiger Stadium, hitting home runs together during batting practice and doing McDonald’s commercials together. It was a special relationship that made everybody feel good.

Now that relationship is estranged and strange. Prince does not talk about the dad and the dad only talks about the son in hoping their relationship heals.

“The olive branch has been out there,” Cecil told ESPN radio. “It’s just when is he going to reach out there for that branch. Everybody knows the kid was with me all them years. That’s well documented but at the end of the day, that was then and this is now. I don’t know how it is going to play out or how Mr. (Mike) Ilitch wants it to play out.”

I root for them to work things out. I want to see Cecil Fielder at Comerica Park to watch his son play and talk about how strong their bond used to be. But he hurt his son and I understand why it might take Prince time to accept his father. He is bitter. He is hurt. We asked about the relationship on the Valenti and Foster Show and Prince shut it down quickly.

He does not want to accept his father and he does not want to talk about it. I understand.

But there was such a strong bond and Cecil and Prince would be better if their version of the Berlin Wall were torn down. That can only happen when Prince believes it is time. Do not be surprised if Tigers owner Mike Ilitch is the one to bring them together. He remembers when Cecil brought Prince to the ball park. He loves both men and both have been special to him.

I just know it would kill me not to have my children in my life. I love them so much.

At some point Ilitch will bring it up to Prince. Let’s see if he can end this cold war. The family needs to be strong and that bond should never be broken.


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5 Responses to “I root for Cecil and Prince to mend relationship”

  1. Ron Marshall Says:

    Tough to even imagine not having a talking relationship with my kids.


  2. Scott L. Says:

    You hit this one right on the head. Can’t even imagine not having my father to talk to, even at 28, I look up to him and try to be the strong man that he is. God bless Terry.


  3. Rob Says:

    I lost my dad in September. I just hope the two of them mend fences before it’s too late. I had a decent relationship with my dad, but I have regrets. I should have called him more, spent more time with him, etc. I’d hate for Prince to have the same regrets I do.


  4. Joe Says:

    I’m missing something here. What actually happened between them to cause this?


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