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Shutting down my favorite athlete is no fun

Written By: Terry Foster | January 24, 2012

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My favorite athlete in the whole world buried her head in my stomach and began to cry. She knew what was coming but deep down she knew I was doing the right thing as a parent.

Celine Foster the young soccer player is being shut down for a minimum of two weeks, perhaps longer. She was diagnosed Monday with Plantar Fasciitis, also know as the Grant Hill foot disorder. The problem began three weeks ago during a soccer tournament and it kept on as she prepared for indoor season. Celine missed the first game of the season, gave it the old college try on Saturday, but knew she could not continue.

Be careful out there parents. We suspect it was caused by new soccer shoes that were too loose.

This means she won’t be on her seventh grade volleyball team because she will miss tryouts and my fear is she will be out a month for soccer. She came up with every idea and contraption to ensure she kept playing. Sometimes you must tell them no for their own good. The only way this thing will fully heal is with rest.

She does not like it and I offered to take her to games so she could be with her team. Celine reminds me of many other amatuer players. They do anything they can to get on the field.  I bet you did it during your playing days in Little League, high school and in pickup games as a kid. I would love to hear your stories.

Here is mine. I worked at the Lindell A.C. as an eighth grader, setting up the cook area on Saturday morning. I was showing off with a twisting layup while goofing around and my leg hit a table and exploded in a pool of blood. It hurt like hell. There were two things I needed to get through.

Work because I wanted the money.

And there was a game that night for Nativity Lutheran. I had to do both so we ran to the drug store and got gauze and tape so I could play. I hid the injury.

I got through the day at the Lindell although I could feel blood dripping and needed to run to the upstairs offices to change the dressing. And that night I started the game with this gauze on my leg. I told my coach it was a small scrap and that I was fine. Three minutes into the game this temporary contraption fell apart and my leg bled on the floor. I was shut down for the night and the next week.

Celine is bull headed enough to limp through a soccer game. She wants to play. We all want to play. What measures are you willing to go through not to shut it down on the basketball floor or ball field?

I would love to hear your stories.


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5 Responses to “Shutting down my favorite athlete is no fun”

  1. Jason Says:

    I too have plantar fasciatis (sp?). I have never gotten injured playing sports so you can imagine that having pain like that was strange. I have seen people blow out knees, break noses and the like just playing semi-competitive softball. As I get older and fluffier, you have to realize your limitations. Good luck to your daughter as PS is painful and my physician tells me all you can really do is get inserts for your shoes.


  2. Mike Tomassi Says:

    Terry I applaud your actions. To many times parents will say ” suck it up and you’ll be okay. I have a daughter who is playing DII soccer and at times through her club, high school and college seasons needed to shut her down for a week or two to the dismay of her club coach especially. High School and college were different stories cause trainers were involved. Tell Celine two weeks is not a long time and that other injuries can occur if she is not completely healthy, and for god sake Terry buy her shoes that fit. I have about 20 pairs of slightly used soccer shoes that I am donating to the pass back program.


  3. Ron Says:

    Broke my ankle in 3 spots and tore ligaments up my leg sliding into 2nd base in 8th grade CYO baseball against St Hedwig in 1971. BEGGED my coach not to bring in a runner, until saw my ankle hanging at a 90 degree angle. Cried all the way home knowing that my baseball season was over and that any high school coaches could not see me play that spring. I feel for your daughter……..


  4. Matt Says:

    Terry, You did what you had to do as a father, and for that I applaud your caring efforts. I remember when I was in Junior High and Trying to play baseball with a strained shoulder, Not the easiest thing to do when your a catcher but like Celine, I was a bullheaded young buck. But I also was a wrestler and in high school while at a Saturday tournament I pulled my groin in the match before the championship bout. I incidentally one the prelim and wham! now I have my shot for the Gold. Of course in young dumb fashion I went against my coaches suggestion (probably because I wasnt able to walk or lift my leg very well, and we had a match against our rival the following Tuesday)I refused to sit this one out. I was still effective enough if I could just keep the match on the ground. The end result was that I did get the gold, but I also missed out on the next three weeks of the season. I should’ve listened to my coach lol. Keep doing what you do big boy! She will thank you later for it. MUCH LOVE!


  5. Luke Says:

    Will never forget the moment playing one my last year of hockey when i was 16. We were in the finals of a tournament in Big Rapids, and with 4 minutes left killing off a penalty. For the record i was one to never stay down on the ice when i was hurt, i always made it back to the bench, but never the less, i took a hard slap shot off the ankle as i went to block the shot, and couldn’t get back up. It was a scary moment for me, knowing i could feel the instant swelling in my skate boot, and stayed down. I didn’t cry, but was in the worse pain i could ever imagine. I ended up getting checked out the next day, and had a slight hairline fracture in the ankle. Me being thick headed though, and telling my Grandpa i can play the next night, I wrapped it, and played. Now i am 25, I have a child, and still have pain from this injury. If only i let it heal properly, things might have been different, but when you have a passion for something you truly love, you don’t sit out, you give it your all, no matter what pain. Hope your daughter is able to heal from her injury quickly, because i know the love she has for something she enjoys doing.


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