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Spartys say I love Patriots because I love Michigan

Written By: Terry Foster | January 23, 2012

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OK. It is time to make fun of Spartans today.

On Sunday the Super Bowl was set when the New England Patriots defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game and the San Francisco 49ers got bounced by the New York Giants. This sets up a rematch between the Patriots and Giants when the G-men spoiled an unbeaten season by beating the Patriots in 2008.

A few people asked for a prediction in the Super Bowl and I said I think the Patriots will get revenge and beat the Giants. So what does this have to do with Spartan fans? Hang on.

Two people actually had smart ass remarks. Let me paraphrase.

“Is that because of your U-M love and bias?”

It took me a moment to figure out what they were getting at but it quickly hit me that former University of Michigan quarterback Tom Brady quarterbacks the Patriots and is the face of the franchise. So these people are dumb enough to think I would pick the Patriots to win a Super Bowl because I am in love with Michigan?

That is pretty stupid. Gee, I don’t know. Tom Brady is a Hall of Fame quarterback. Tom Brady has won three Super Bowls before. And I don’t know. I trust Tom Brady to make one more play this time just like Eli Manning did last time.  I also believe Brad

Some Spartans carry around that inferiority complex like a bad cold. They think you are attacking them even when you are not thinking about them. It is silly. It has even trickled down to my son “B”. He has been brain washed by my wife’s family and is a little Sparty. He goes around rooting against Michigan and was thrilled to see Arkansas beat the Wolverines in basketball Saturday afternoon.

I asked him why he roots against Michigan.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I just don’t like them.”

I of course am a state of Michigan man. I want to see everybody do well, especially the Chippewas of Central Michigan University.

You know how far the Spartans sunk before this recent surge under Mark Dantonio. My Spartan family danced and celebrated when MSU beat the Chips this year. You are supposed to beat us every year. The only directional school the Spartans should lost to is the University of Southern California.

Any way. I am not rooting for the Patriots because I love Michigan. I simply believe they are the better team. Of course I will admit I was rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers because of Antonio Brown.

Go Chips?




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15 Responses to “Spartys say I love Patriots because I love Michigan”

  1. James Millar Says:

    lol an extremely unnecessary blog. my advice, “get over it”

    Michigan fans are far worse, evident through the phone calls you get receive on your radio program.

    Yea the guy you encountered was an idiot, but your taking out your frustration with one stranger and dedicating an entire blog to him? I’d say the smart-ass wins this battle by getting under your skin.

    and its not a bad things to root for the chips, to be a “state of Michigan fan” is just admitting you cannot accept the defeat of watching the side you chose lose, but getting to “bask in the glories of both teams wins”

    be proud of your team, but more importantly, pick some teams to be proud of! thats what sports are all about :)

    I’m a fan of yours, don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying what I’m sure you’ve heard before


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Well James one person has grown to five and I have not checked my email recently. But I guess I am coming to the conclusion that Wolverines and Spartans are the same. There is no difference and if I am going to call out Michigan people then I am going to call out State also. I love picking with the rivals.


  2. Todd Says:

    Terry, I have to say that I was lathered in Pittsburgh Steelers butter for all three of their latest trips to the big game. And one big reason was seeing Charlie Batch get himself some rings.

    Go Hurons(Eagles)


  3. Bill Says:

    terry of all the things to write about how did you come up with a spartan angle on the superbowl story ???


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I never intended for it to be that way. But now I have heard from 5 spartans who criticized me for picking new england because I have love for Michigan. If they did not call or write I never would have written this. Part of this blog is my life and what I go through. So I wrote it


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I did not come up with this. The people who write me and complain to me came up with this


  4. Dave Says:

    Using that logic would picking the Giants be because of your UofM love as well because Mario Manningham plays for the G-men? People are ridiculous.

    As a side note. I am a State fan and I also can’t stand when my friends who are State Alum bad mouth Michigan fans if they didn’t actually go to school there. I always remind them that I went to Michigan Tech and ask if that somehow disqualifies me from rooting for the Spartans. They tell me “well that’s different” and I just shake my head


  5. frank Says:

    Two people say something and so the whole fanbase is guilty?


  6. frank Says:

    update: ok 5!

    I still think it is silly.


  7. Chris Says:

    I’m a Michigan grad, and I would never read an on-line article or blog about MSU and then make a nasty/snide comment about MSU at the bottom. Hence, I’m amused by the frequency with which MSU people feel compelled to make anti-U-M remarks at the end of articles, on Freep.com for example, that are about Michigan football and that have nothing to do with MSU; that don’t mention MSU once.

    There are probably a few Michigan people who do this after reading MSU articles, because every team has a handful of idiot followers, but the number of Spartans who are guilty of this is staggering.

    My point is, most Wolverines don’t think about MSU. We follow and root for our own school and teams. (I can speak for myself and the many, many friends and former classmates of mine who went to U-M). Unfortunately, many Spartans root harder against Michigan than FOR their own school. (I know these people. Some are close friends and family). And that’s sad.


  8. Chris Says:

    I got three words for you Mr. Foster. BIG BROTHER ENVY! That’s all I hear from sparty fans anymore. Mad that we we to a better bowl and discounted everything Michigan does in order to try to justify their program. Root for the state of Michigan and get over it sparty. Oh, and of course, GO BLUE!


  9. Dcamp the Champ Says:

    Well if you say the giants will then the same argument comes in to play for Mario Manningham….. Spartans are just salty because the only name they hqve to root for is Plax


    • Chad Says:

      Dcamp a big reason the g men are in the Superbowl is because of a Spartan. Devin Thomas recovered two huge fumbles on special teams. The last one set up the game winning field goal. And @Chris, I hear you. I read State articles all the time and can’t believe the um trolling that goes on. I mean who has time to read about the other team’s news. I coould care less what’s happening in aa, but I always see some tool commenting about my Spartans after an article.


    • Andrew Says:

      Really? Only Plax? Laughable. How about I keep it specifically in the context of the Super Bowl. I think most Giants fans are rather fond of Devin Thomas after he made 2 fumble recoveries, one that directly led them to win the NFC championship. Do your homework before you make ignorant comments.


  10. James Batholomew Says:

    I just love the fair and balanced characterizations coming from Chris. His naivete’ is almost as myopic as his estimations of Michigan and Michigan State hatred for one another.


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