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Jamie and Wojo. Or is it Jamie and Bibs?

Written By: Terry Foster | January 21, 2012

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Monday is an exciting day for me. I cannot wait to pass the baton for the first time to the new Jamie and Wojo Show on 971 The Ticket.

Their show will follow the Valenti and Foster Show Monday through Friday from 6-8 p.m. Most of the time they will be followed by a Red Wings, Pistons or Tigers game. If there is no game then Caputo and Fithian are on from 8 to midnight. This makes our lineup stronger and the guess here is they want to go 24 hours of live programming.

Many of you know Wojo as the chubby columnist for the Detroit News or the chubby half of the Stoney and Wojo Show that ruled afternoon drive on WDFN. It’s been a while since Robert has been on the radio and I was not certain if he wanted to return. This shift is perfect as he eases back into the game. It is not too demanding and many of their shows will be short ones.

This is like bringing back the old band. Pat Caputo, Matt Dery, Jamie, Wojo and I all worked at the Fan at some point. Hey whose running our station? Joe Dumars?

OK let’s get one thing straight. I feel uncomfortable calling him Wojo. My name for him is Bibs. I just like to be different. Anyway Bibs has a reputation for loving Fig Newtons or Nutter Butters. I told him he has to upgrade his cookie selection now that he is with us. I got him a dozen Marty Cookies when he visited our show the other day. I think he fell in love. But Bibs is very generous. He allowed Jamie to have 1 cookie and Bibs ate the other 11.

There were so many cookie crumbs I saw a half dozen mice wearing napkins around their necks as they prepared to feast.

It will be an interesting pairing. Jamie is the mild mannered professional broadcaster. And Bibs is a fool. Jamie will try to push the show and Bibs will try to derail it at times.

I wonder how long it will take him to start screaming WEATHERRRRRR!!!!!! And I wonder how long it will take Jamie to tell him to shut up.

I will be listening with a stop watch.



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2 Responses to “Jamie and Wojo. Or is it Jamie and Bibs?”

  1. Bob Camp Says:

    Can’t wait for their chatter. Both are very entertaining.


  2. gene Says:

    97.1 should have never let Regner go.


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