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I am OK with Brandon Inge comments

Written By: Terry Foster | January 20, 2012

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A feeding frenzy hit Detroit when Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge said he is preparing to become the Tigers starting third baseman just moments after manager Jim Leyland announced Inge would platoon there with Don Kelly.

How dare he.

The fans went nuts and complained about Inge being entitled, spoiled and ungrateful. The man is a lightening rod. Every time he speaks it sparks a debate. But Inge didn’t say anything differently than any other pro athlete. He simply said he is preparing to be a starter. He has confidence in himself that he can rebound from a disaster season during which he hit below .200.

“I love Don Kelly but I am not looking to platoon,” Inge said.

He wants to be a starter. So what is wrong with that? Now if you want to say he does not deserve to start I am fine with that. If you want to give the job to Kelly, that is cool also. But what did Inge do that was wrong except play bad baseball?

He did not make demands. He did not call Leyland out and he did not say if he is not a starter he is checking out. He did none of that. Inge said he prepared to be the starting third baseman. I’ve never heard an athlete say he is working hard to be a back up unless of course you played first base the past few years for the St. Louis Cardinals or quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Leyland put the heat on Inge saying he needs more from third base. He is right. Inge must hit better especially with Victor Martinez out this season with a knee injury. Everybody must pull their weight.

For years Inge was guaranteed his perch atop third base. That is no longer the case and let’s see how he responds where nothing is given to him. Leyland said he hopes Inge plays well enough to be the Tigers starting third baseman. All Tiger fans should wish that because this is a team gunning for titles, not just playing to have fun.

I do not blame Leyland for making Inge earn his spot. He must do better. The old days of batting .236 or 200 is not good enough.

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5 Responses to “I am OK with Brandon Inge comments”

  1. Christine Huber Says:

    For so many years Inge was my favorite player. A couple years ago when it was thought he would’ve traded because of getting Cabrera I was at a loss for words. This past year when he was sent to the minors, I was so relieved. I couldn’t stand to watch him strike out anymore. It was cringe inducing. He came back though and got the hits when we needed them. Let’s hope he’s determined, because I bet Don Kelly is!


  2. Rob Peters Says:

    I agree with Terry. Inge is a pro. I would expect nothing less than the attitude that “I plan on starting”… We all know Inge has the potential, maybe he can come back. With that kind of attitude he has a chance.



  3. Panicstreak Says:

    A friend of mine made a great analogy yesterday. Brandon Inge = Tim Tebow.


  4. PaulWS Says:

    Inge has always been an obnoxious crybaby. He was never more than a backup talent. Having this clown on the team again and not getting someone to take Martinez’s spot means other than watching Cabrera hit and JV pitch, there is nothing to look forward to this team accomplishing this year.


  5. frank Says:

    the media talk , other than terry, about this has been such BS. everythign he said was fine, anyone who has a problem with it is an idiot who doesnt understand anythign about being a competive person. what he said is what you want every person on your team to think and say if asked.


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