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Don’t walk out on your tab no matter how big you are

Written By: Terry Foster | January 19, 2012

Filed Under: Life, Opinion

There is a pretty high profile Detroit professional athlete who is enjoying himself at bars and restaurants and often does not play his tab. And one of his bills was as high as $400.

He did not pay the tab. He did not leave a tip. He just walked out.

His reason? He is a high profile Detroit professional athlete and the establishments should just be happy he came in and created a stir. I’ve heard this from a couple of bar owners and do not want to give out his name just in case. But it is not right. I do not care how much stir you create, you should pay your tab unless the bar manager or owner says the bill is on the house.

People put a lot of money into establishments and times are tough for even some of the bigger places. Chances are the athlete is in better shape than the bar owners.

It is an act of arrogance to pull something like this. You know the bar owner does not want to call the police. He does not want to create a scene because the other pro athletes will boycott the place if one of their boys makes newspaper headlines there.

It is not right.

There are places who comp me. I will admit that. They don’t do it all the time but they think I am a big enough deal to pull the tab on me. But I always offer to pay and I tell them that is OK. I can pull my share. I leave a bigger than usual tip for the wait staff and I appreciate the hospitality. However, I would never assume somebody is going to pay my way.

Who the hell am I?

I don’t even like cutting in line. But there is a place in Royal Oak where the bouncer said he’d get in trouble with his owner if he saw me waiting in line to get in. He explained his situation so I roll up to him every time I go there and there is a line.

It probably ticks off people who have to wait but that is one of the perks of being a twinklet in this town.

But rolling out on a tab? That is unacceptable.




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11 Responses to “Don’t walk out on your tab no matter how big you are”

  1. John Henry Says:

    Even a “third line” player is pulling in a half million or more a year and can afford to pay for food and drink. It sounds like the guy you’re talking about is a star, probably getting several million per. Give us “working stiffs” a break and pay your tab, you celebrity super-stars. (How am I doing, T?)


  2. T. Roy Says:

    I’m with you Terry. That’s just not right.


  3. Josie Says:

    R U Kidding me? This ARROGANT player has some damn nerve to walk in and think that just because they visit an establishment that they don’t have pay?? They SERIOUSLY NEED to quit trippin’. People are people..bottom line. My family has owned a bar establishment for 26 years and if any player of any DAMN team comes in, they don’t drink for FREE..Hell, I don’t drink for free and neither does my parents who own the place!!! WHY is there such a misconception that a bar owner is a friggin bank roller? People need to get an education and open their own damn business including these ignorant jock straps that think they are a legend, even if its in there own mind. They should try buying their own bar business now days and let ALL OF THE PUBLIC come in and eat, drink and be merry and then walk out on them and see how long that establishment will be open..I bet they would close before us..GUARANTEED! My family nor I want nor need that kind of business. TRUST ME..I don’t give a rats pootootie who they or anyone else is, u drink..u pay! We always reciprocate to any customer that is generous by buying them a drink or 2 back, but there is nothing that is ever free..So whoever it is that ur talkin about..STAY out of the Southwest, cuz u will be payin there, in one way or another! :)


  4. man717 Says:

    Disgusting.. My family owns a high profile bar in the Greektown area.. Over St Pats weekend last year (guess the bar lol) Mr Stafford and Raiola came in. They didn’t expect more alcohol, faster service, or to be treated like the only people in the bar. They were just customers on the busiest day of the year. Each had their own tab and each paid and tipped quite well. When Bobby Seay was pitching for the Tigers, he also came in and took very good care of us. Humility is a very admirable trait that all three of these men share, and therefore we respected them more. Arrogance and pride I’m sure are inflated with a large or even a base salary in any sport but the bottom line is this.. You are paid to do that job. You would not do that job if you weren’t paid properly (lockouts anyone?) so why would anyone feel it’s right to assume we don’t need to be paid for the job we do? To whomever this article is referring, I say grow up.


  5. andrew Says:

    Being a server at a restaurant…if this happened to me I’d chase him out of the restaurant and cause a scene…not to mention get the cops involved…and the cops would be to hold me back from drop kicking that d-bag


  6. IpayMYtab Says:

    Call this loser out! That sh** ain’t fair. High profile or not, I guarantee this douche is walking around flaunting his money. Pay the tab, jackass!

    I can’t stand this crap from “professional” athletes, act like a normal human being, follow the rules and be civil. If I owned a bar and he did this, I would prosecute, as much as possible, just so everyone knows about him. NINETYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SEVEN 1.


  7. jim williams Says:

    it is stealing! it is theft! Call the police on him, and his habit of doing this will stop in a heart-beat!


  8. Pam Says:

    This athlete should NOT be walking out on a tab, if anything they should be looking around and choosing someone to pay their tab for them. OR leave a 50% tip. The name is probably being withheld is because when it happened with Calvin Johnson and pizza delivery – well there was a roar. If you are blessed with a gift you should share – not for notice, but in secret.


  9. George Markley Says:

    Seriously? Multimillion dollar contracts and he can’t pay (assuming this guy has one…even if he doesn’t, I am sure he is well into the six to seven figures). How pathetic.

    Not to make any assumptions, but perhaps he went through life having everything handed to him on a silver platter…doesn’t make it right, but don’t you think the bar owners/management would say something?

    When you cut in line at the Royal Oak place, do you feel guilty? I have seen you out and you don’t have that “I am better than you” air that other local celebs have. Not sure what motivates people like this to act this way….


  10. Mark Says:

    Nice blind item T-Puss. Are you a reporter or gossip hack?


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