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Michigan State trumps Michigan even in defeat

Written By: Terry Foster | January 18, 2012

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Michigan beat Michigan State 60-59 in another exciting basketball game between the two programs. The Wolverines have beaten the Spartans three straight times and pulled even with them in the loss column in Big Ten play.

It is not North Carolina-Duke yet, nor will it ever be, but it is exciting.  So has Michigan closed the gap? Yep.

Is Michigan the better basketball program? Nope.

If you apply the same standards in basketball that you do in football then there is no other answer. Michigan State has beaten Michigan four straight times in football and in all four cases the Spartans were clearly the better team on the field. However, Michigan fans hold steady in their belief that Michigan is the better program because of tradition. If those rules apply in football then you must apply them in basketball.

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo has a national title, six Final Fours and several Big Ten titles. Michigan coach John Beilein has none. In fact Michigan has not won a Big Ten regular season title since 1986. MSU won titles in 2009 and 2o1o.  There cannot be a double standard here.

If Michigan is better in football because of tradition then State is the better program in basketball because of tradition.

Of course you are allowed to disagree. What do you think?


18 Responses to “Michigan State trumps Michigan even in defeat”

  1. George Says:

    You are an idiot. MSU is a recent tradition, Michigan’s goes back a century. I am dumber for clicking on this link


  2. tJYD Says:

    Got to agree with T-Fost here. Michigan fan, what do you wanna claim…..Basketball where we have more Tradition but lost 3 straight against the Wolverines….or Football where ya have the tradition but yet haven’t beat us since Carr’s last season?


  3. Maveode Says:

    No arguments Terry. The facts are the facts.


  4. TerryIdiot Says:

    Seriously terry….michigan has a great performance and a gutsy win and this is the article that you come up with? You are nothing more than a hack preying on negativity just like Drew Sharp.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      It is not being negative. How is this negative? because I did not write what you wanted. I am stating opinion.


      • Janger Says:

        How is it being negative? Because you’re looking to rain on Michigan fans parade the second after a good win against a rival (GASP! I SAID RIVAL!! OMG!!). It’s just the fact that you run to your blog to try and stir up the dumb Michigan fans (every fanbase has dumb fans).. you know its why you made this. Anybody in their right mind knows that MSU Basketball program is a better program right now despite 3 losses to Michigan. Michigan is improving/closing the gap.. but the fact you ran right here to your blog for this crap just screams “shock jock”. Just trying to rile some people up while they’re celebrating a very good win. I understand why you do it- it creates talk/controversy. But when you deny it, that’s just sad.


  5. Erick Says:

    I am a Michigan Alum and watched and enjoyed the game tonight. Even though we’ve won 3 in a row over MSU, I don’t think any Michigan fans think our bball program is better than MSU’s. Let’s start making some Final Fours before we say otherwise. I’d also extend the comparison to the number of current NBA players from both programs. MSU is a powerhouse, while Michigan is an up and comer in basketball programs.


  6. Tony Says:

    I agree with this post, but recently you been writing this stuff from the perspective of a spartan fan. You’re hanging around Mike too much. You could write the same thing about Spartans. They say what Michigan has done in the past doesnt matter anymore, yet they use the same argument to say State bball is better than michigans program. Stop being a sparty slap.


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I wrote this from the prospective of a third party guy. The problem is if you write something against Michigan – no matter how true — people will call you a Spartan. The funny thing is Spartans say I love Michigan.


  7. Mayor Says:

    Terry you are a damn fool! Mi about to take over basketball and football.


  8. Joe Says:

    Terry, I think you’re half right. I think that the MSU basketball PROGRAM is still far ahead of UMich-Ann Arbor just because of what they’ve accomplished THIS decade with THIS coach. It is an apples to oranges comparison to football because while UMich-Ann Arbor has changed coaches and philosophies twice and is struggling for an identity on the field, MSU basketball has had the same coach, same philosophy, same results. We are not exactly in a down period like UMich-Ann Arbor football has been in.
    Right now, UMich-Ann Arbor basketball has a very good team and they are competitive with MSU head to head. When they are able to win a national championship with Beilein, go to 5 final fours in 12 years, and win multiple big ten titles in that stretch, we will say the gap between the programs is closed.
    I will concede that they have a better football program overall, but MSU has had a better team for the past 4 years, just like UM’s basketball team was better than MSU last year.


  9. Goose Says:

    Michigan football was defeated 3 of the last 4 years by State as a result of a VERY bad new head coach and poor implementation of a new scheme… this years defeat with Hoke is more legitimate although its only his first year and the team is still rebuilding….. Michigans wins in basketball however have come during the leadership of the great Izzo… there is no new coach at State, no “down” time… no rebuilding…. facts are State defeated a very down Michigan football team the past 4 times whereas Michigan has defeated a State basketball team that is or should have been at the top of their game and were highly ranked…….


  10. Shawn Says:

    Wile i may agree with a lot of what you say in this blog, the timming though is somwhat of a head scratcher! Why right after the game? Why not yesterday or tommarro even? Is it to stir up the Michigan fan base? Or is it
    to console the Michigan St. fan base? Or maybe just maybe it will set up an interesting topic for discussion for sports talk radio show host tommarro?? Hmmm


  11. John Henry Says:

    Hey Terry – I attended both UofM and MSU in my undergrad days. I cheer for both, but usually support MSU over UofM. (Don’t tell Mike; he thinks people like me don’t or shouldn’t exist.) My fairly unique perspective allows me to wonder why either side thinks it is so important to be better than the other side. When Michigan was going through its worst three years in football history, we heard that Michigan had a lifetime winning record against every other Big Ten team, as if that would make Wolverine fans feel better. Now that Michigan has beaten MSU in basketball, three straight, Spartans remind us of Jud’s and Tom’s recent national championships and Michigan’s lack thereof. How about letting the players show us who is better right now? Michigan is currently dominating MSU in hoops. MSU is dominating Michigan on the gridiron. Go Blue! Go Green! Hey, we can agree on this: BEAT OHIO!!!


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