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Freaky Las Vegas

Written By: Terry Foster | January 15, 2012

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LAS VEGAS — Here is the great thing about being in a casino on The Strip. The hookers dress more conservatively than regular patrons. The wife and I got an eyeful when we were checking into the Luxor Hotel.

“Oh my God,” Abs said. “There are some interesting looking outfits walking around here.”

She got her words mixed up. They were not interesting. They were exotic. A lot of cows, snakes and gators died for some of the outfits we saw. They were skimpy and the only things covered were what the law required. And do you want to hear a secret?


I loved it. The freak show was great for the most part. Now and then you’d get 200 pound home girl trying to pull it off. It didn’t quite work out. And there were freak show sights for the ladies too. The new thing is work out guy with no sleeves. He wants to show you how many hours he’s been in the gym. I’d never seen a sleeveless leather T-shirt until last night. Where do I get one of those?

I bet it was even crazier at Caesars, MGM Grand and some of the more famous casinos.

I am here for my sister-in-laws wedding and I already look forward to tonight so I can hit the casinos and dining halls for the next exotic freak show. Or maybe I will go out and buy a new suit for me and Abs.

How about leopard for the lady and zebra for me?


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