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10 simple smiles

Written By: Terry Foster | January 14, 2012

Filed Under: Family, Life

10 things that made me happy this month

1. Splitting a sandwich with my son B atDiBella’s near the Oakland University campus. Great sandwiches.

2. Leaving for Las Vegas with the wife to celebrate her sisters wedding. I hope it last.

3. Ringing in the New Years at Big Ralph’s outside Chicago, drinking wine and eating his beef brisket.

4. Drinking beers with a friend who has a big announcement on Tuesday that you all will hear about.

5. YaYa’s chicken salad for dinner. It is tasty and healthy.

6. Playing pick up basketball again although my game stinks now and it leaves me sore.

7. Eating Garrett’s Chicago mix popcorn. Next time I just want the cheese.

8. Watching the Lon’s in the playoffs again even though the result is not what people wanted here.

9. Talking to the people at Maxie’s Deli on Michigan Avenue near downtown Detroit

10. Watching my father in law, The Legend, get stronger after his heart attack in 2010.


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