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Friday the 13th is just another day now

Written By: Terry Foster | January 13, 2012

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Today is Friday the 13th and I am not worried.

I am doing about my day normally. I won’t look out for black cats. I won’t go searching for four leaf cloavers and I do not believe the world will come to an end today. It is amazing I felt that way because Friday the 13th used to mean a day of doom, gloom and visits from the heavens. It was a day of bad luck.

My aunt used to do all of her errands the day before or on Saturday. She did not want to take a chance of something bad happening on Friday the 13th. She went to work and did all the essentals but she did not go out of her way. One of our neighbors stayed in the house the entire day. She was convinced she was going to get hit by a bus or some moon fragment.

We do believe she’d already been hit in the head by something.

In my neighborhood Friday the 13th was circled in red in the same manner Brady Hoke does when Michigan plays Ohio. It was a bad holiday. Most of the people in my old neifhborhood believed in ghost, goblins and spirits. People always talked about Uncle Ed who’d died 10 years earlier coming to visit. It was as if he had moved to Florida and decided to come up and visit the family.

I am surprised we didn’t have a welcoming party for our dead relatives. And Friday the 13th was like a family reuniion. Everybody came to visit. I used to buy into that until I got older although I still believe in ghosts. But Friday the 13th is just another day for me.

Now I wonder how this lucky rabbit’s foot got in my jean pockets?




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