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It is easy to engage and enrage Wolverines and Spartans

Written By: Terry Foster | January 10, 2012

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Please forgive me. I was bad last night and there was no excuse for my behavior.

Alabama and LSU bored me during the national championship broadcast from New Orleans. I was tired of watching field goals. I was tired of watching LSU’s offense move like an elephant in quick sand. Congrats to Bama and its 21-0 victory. Congrats to Nick Saban and his third national championship.  But I was bored.

So I started a Michigan-Michigan State war on purpose with one simple tweet. Which football team enjoyed a better football season? Was it the 11-2 Michigan Wolverines that revived their program under new football coach Brady Hoke? Or was it the Michigan State Spartans (11-3) who played for a Big Ten championship after winning its division in the Big Ten?

I sat back and let the sparks fly. Michigan fans claimed their season was better because their team had one more loss. “Do the math,” someone wrote. They also said their team beat Notre Dame and Nebraska — teams the Spartans lost to.  Their team played in a BCS game in the Sugar Bowl. State played in the Outback Bowl.

Spartan fans chimed in that their team beat Michigan for a fourth straight season and beat Iowa, a team the Wolverines lost to. They admit losing one more game but that came in the Big Ten title game in a heart breaker to Wisconsin and a game Michigan failed to qualify for. And they said their bowl opponent Georgia was a tougher match up than Michigan’s bowl opponent Virginia Tech.

Then I sat back and let the fur fly as they fought, cursed and denegrated each other’s school.

It is a rivalry. It is a huge rivalry and it is no longer one sided. Wolverines used to ignore Spartans because their teams used to smack them around under Bo Schembechler and Lloyd Carr. Spartans were petty and jealous and their days were made when Michigan lost even though the Spartans often lost on the same day.
It was the arrogant asses against the paranoid Spartans. Big brother against little brother.

Now the roles have reversed in many ways. The Wolverines are chasing the Spartans. Michigan fans now root against the Spartans more than they ever have and it is easy to get them to fight. I simply sit back and enjoy the fire works. And the funny thing is many Wolverines try to deny there is a rivalry. There is.

Here is the fun part. The Spartans are not going away as most Wolverines believe. And the Wolverines are going to return to being a good program under Hoke. That means more fireworks and more fights. It means our state will become even more divided and more bitter. And do you know what I have to say to that?

Pass the popcorn. I am going to enjoy the show.




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2 Responses to “It is easy to engage and enrage Wolverines and Spartans”

  1. Sou Says:

    Yes we are rivals.

    We Michigan fans admit it.

    We hate the Spartans now cause they can beat us and have beat us. They are now in our way as we return to the top.

    There Sparty, we’ve admitted it.

    Now get off our jocks. See you on the field.


  2. Garrison Rasmussen Says:

    Sou, more like, we’ll see YOU on the field next year. We haven’t seen Michigan on the field the past 4 years lol.


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